It's DeSantis to lose if POTUS Trump is not on deck but still tough for him for Ron's stance on protecting children, Covid, Disney/Trans indoctrination in our schools & illegal immigration is tops

by Paul Alexander

My friend Alex was waxing warmly tonight and so I sense is if Ron stays back, its Trump's, if Ron is on deck, its Ron's. Its that simple. We were devastated by the lockdowns and vaccine

This is my opinion. I love POTUS Trump but the world has been damaged by the lockdowns that should have not happened had Fauci and Birx been fired. A failure. OWS was a pure disaster and none of these injections should have been brought. They are harmful and do not work and this must be stated clearly. No more games, no more praise of the lockdowns or the vaccine by Trump, they are devastating failures. Pure and simple.