It's JUDGEMENT morning, I by the gate & I am waiting with St. Peter & we checking in all those we going to punish for COVID crimes, once Jesus gives the nod, we punishing hard Fauci, Francis Collins

by Paul Alexander

Bourla, Azar, Baric, Hotez, Daszak, Birx, Ashish Jha, Hahn, Bancel, Sahin, Harari, Gates, Walensky, Gupta, Siegal, Arden, Woodcock, Marks, Njoo, Tam, Kieran, Williams, Ford, more

We letting Jesus be the judge this time for we would be in heaven (they would have arrived there after they lived their normal lives), but we building a huge fire, and taking directions from Jesus, for all these people named above will be in line with Mengele, Pol Pot, Hitler, Bundy, Mussolini, Hess, Dharmer, Barbie, Himmler, Amin, Goring, Jean-Bédel Bokassa, Dahmer…this type. These Branch COVIDian Taliban type, these lockdown lunatics, the list will be long but we start with these named above for we want special dispensation under orders from Jesus.

Jesus would actually be running the show.

No mea culpas etc. We be asking Jesus for justice in heaven. No matter how long it takes. Once they arrive into heaven, straight into the fire. If they go to hell where they really belong, they will de dealt with down there and will meet Hunter as he passes through for he will not stay too long in hell, word is the devil don’t want him there, hell is too good the devil says.

But when I die, I will ask St. Peter to give me a job at the gates of heaven for when these people come up, whenever they come, I will help checking them in, for I will be running a line to the fire and will ask people like McCullough to help me build the fire, strong and good and hot for them. And btw, there will be many media, legacy media people there, from CNN etc. and even from FOX, and do not be surprised when you see well known government folk in the line. MPs, MPPs, ministers, Prime Ministers too, congress people, senators too. Yes. From US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc., all of them who enacted and enforced COVID lockdown lunatic policies that killed people. All the hospital CEOs who were enriched and helped discharge COVID deadly sedation, Remdesivir, and ventilation protocols that killed people. All the medical doctors that denied early treatment, denied natural exposure immunity, and helped promote and enforce and mandate the deadly COVID gene injection. All. None shall escape at the gates of heaven. Does not matter if they went to jail on earth, when they eventually get to heaven, we burning them for what they did.

For each child that committed suicide due to the lockdowns and school closures, we burning.

For each laid off worker that committed suicide due to the lockdowns and no income, we burning.

For each business owner that committed suicide due to the lockdowns and no income, we burning.

For each death caused by the lockdowns and school closures and mask mandates etc., with Jesus’s blessing, we burning.

For all, each death caused by the fraud, fake COVID pandemic, we burning.

For our police, our front line people, our military, for the harms and deaths from the fraud COVID injection, we burning them, all involved, in the after life.

Even in heaven we getting accountability with Jesus running things.