It's the COVID vaccine, stupid! Not virus! Vaccine is damaging innate antibodies training of innate immune systems & NK cells in infants & children: "Unintended consequence of COVID control measures

by Paul Alexander

kids without immunity: The nearly two years of intense COVID-19 mitigation measures in school and daycare has shifted the advantage to the influenza and RSV viruses, for the moment." Shira Doron

We have underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve and adapt and thus disregarded the complex interplay between the COVID virus and the host immune response (population level), where each feeds back on the other, placing pressure on each other.

First of all, the immune system of a child must be taxed and tuned up daily, exposed, to be trained, it’s innate immune system, to a broad range of pathogen it has not encountered yet and will encountered. It comes prepared, pre-activated in a sense, a potent broadly effective innate immune system, but it needs training and locking a child away and school closures harmed them devastatingly, hobbled their developing immune systems. I will challenge anyone, any scientist or doctor to argue that point with me. Tell me I am wrong.

Bill Clinton, said ‘It’s the economy, stupid” to get elected, and I am saying, ‘It’s the vaccine, stupid’! Pay attention to the right issue here, NOT the virus. So yes, I am calling you stupid and me stupid and all of us stupid for not focusing on the harms of this vaccine and why it is the culprit in driving the pandemic. The pandemic will go on for 100 years with this vaccine in play. The harms from it are one thing, but the devastation it is causing and will cause if it is not stopped for it can drive very severe illness of we drive a lethal variant to emerge. It is beyond infectiousness, it is if a lethal virulent variant emerges. We have dodged the latter so far. But the bell tolls if we continue the sub-optimal gene therapy injection so called ‘vaccine’.

You cannot tame a pandemic if you do not cut the chain of transmission. Only if you cut the chain, can we get to herd immunity. This COVID gene therapy injection (it is NOT a vaccine) so called vaccine, is ineffective with massive rapid waning immunity and negative effectiveness, and is actually enhancing and facilitating the vaccinated to become infected, hospitalized, and with death in many instances. Any roll-out of a vaccine (which is supposed to be a prophylaxis) while there is circulating pathogen that it is supposed to target, will be plagued by natural selection pressure on the target antigen (can make life uncomfortable for the pathogen but not eliminate /neutralize it) and will drive viral immune escape and antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and disease, as well as original antigenic sin (impact of initial immune system priming or fixation or ‘imprinting’ based on initial exposure). It is thus a cluster xxxx.

Simple fact: The vaccinal antibodies are not given the time it needs (post vaccine e.g. 4-6 weeks or so) to get to full affinity, to develop and mature its maximal binding affinity to the antigen and thus it is sub-optimal, while virus is in the environment (ongoing infectious pressure). Virus will not wait for the full affinity to be reached and will try to infect, and the sub-optimal vaccinal antibodies will bind to the antigen, yet sub-optimally, and thus the antibodies will not stop infection, replication or transmission. As we see and this is the reason why this had failed, this fraud injection.

It is only an idiot, a vapid narcissistic hubris-laden imbecile, a preening malignant illogical and irrational, specious and absurd agency as CDC, NIH, FDA and their officials and Fauci and Walensky and Birx and Jha and Biden et al. administration people as well as Hahn and Azar et al. from Trump’s, have shown themselves to be, will do this. These are untermensche of the highest order. Roll out a vaccine while there is ongoing infectious pressure from circulating pathogen. They knew and know it cannot work. They knew and know the catastrophe that will result.

Why then?

Importantly before dealing with the Boston article in question, I am reading research that suggests that it is not only the receptor binding domain (RBD) but another binding site called the N-terminal domain (NTD) that is under immense sub-optimal immune pressure and there is some link between the N-terminal domain and its capacity to enhance the RBD infectivity (the changed conformation enhances infection). I am studying this up and will ask Geert for some input. My first blush suggests that the binding to the NTD changes the conformation of the RBD and gives it more binding affinity etc.?? ‘Some of antibodies against the N-terminal domain (NTD) induced the open conformation of RBD and thus enhanced the binding capacity of the spike protein to ACE2 and infectivity of SARS-CoV-2.

Liu et al.:

“Antibodies against the receptor-binding domain (RBD) of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection. However, the effects of antibodies against other spike protein domains are largely unknown. Here, we screened a series of anti-spike monoclonal antibodies from coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients and found that some of antibodies against the N-terminal domain (NTD) induced the open conformation of RBD and thus enhanced the binding capacity of the spike protein to ACE2 and infectivity of SARS-CoV-2. Mutational analysis revealed that all of the infectivity-enhancing antibodies recognized a specific site on the NTD.”

Back to the article:

This Boston article talks about everything but the key reason. Yes, lockdowns and school closures have weakened prior functional immune systems in children and the vaccine is damaging underlying natural immunity. We have clear evidence of this. We know this yet there is a key issue that only people like Vanden Bossche (and me by extension and my learning and continued learning) have been hollering about.


The COVID gene injection is subverting and sidelining the innate immune system (first line of defense) and specifically the vaccine induced high-affinity antigen-specific antibodies are sidelining the low-affinity, naïve and broadly potent and protective innate natural antibodies from binding to virus and training the innate immune system. This is why we give children vaccine that is based on live-attenuated (weakened) replication competent virus. This allows proper innate immune training and this is why you only get exposed after you have gotten your full series of immunization. When your innate immune system would have been suitably trained. You never ever vaccinate ‘during season’, or in the midst of a pandemic. You will thus fail and drive variants.

Thus, the innate antibodies (in children, infants especially at the first 6 months of life after the maternal antibodies wane) must have the space to bind to virus and in so doing, educate and train the innate immune system in how to handle pathogen confronted with now e.g. COVID virus and all of its variants, in how to handle other similar glycosylated pathogen (similar sugars and glycans on the surface) in the future e.g. measles, mumps, RSV, coronaviruses etc., and importantly, how the child’s immune system must differentiate ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ components so the immune system does not attack the child. If this is breached, the child will be at risk to auto-immune disease, more immediate and long-term.

In basic, my learning tells me that a vaccine that is antibody-based, will educate and train the immune system to produce elevated levels of antibodies (high antibody titers) that are focused and trained upon the surface protein (s) that are key to viral infection. Again, I am no virologist or vaccinologist, I explain how I understand it. Vaccine induced antibodies (Abs) have great (elevated) specificity (high) and thus strong binding affinity and capacity to the target antigen on the surface of the virus. As such these vaccine induced Abs outcompete the innate Abs of children, for the target antigen. Thus the natural innate Abs cannot exercise its functional capacity to sterilize (neutralize) the virus.

Why? Because it is outcompeted and sidelined and blocked from binding to the target antigen (binding epitopes or binding regions on the antigen, let us use the COVID virus’s spike protein as the antigen example). This also hobbles and subverts the innate antibodies from educating and training the innate immune system e.g. Natural killer cells (NK cells) as to how the NK cells can handle pathogen, how to recognize them especially to discern molecular patterns on the surface of the pathogen/virus that can mimic the self. It has to learn how to know that this is a trick used by the infected cells and does not belong to self, and as such must be destroyed by the NK cells.

This innate immune system training is critical and has a critical window (if missed is irreversible) and needs exposure and binding to virus and as mentioned, the vaccinal antibodies are high-affinity to the spike antigen and prevent the innate antibodies from doing this critical step in the training of the child’s immune system. This sets the child up for future disaster as we are seeing now. They are fully vulnerable. This training is critical for it helps differentiate ‘self-like’, self-mimicking’ etc. as the infected virus can look self-like. The child’s immune system needs to know if it is not (does not belong to child), and thus to destroy it and not let it evade the immune system.

I am not virologist or expert like Vanden Bossche as this is not my field classically, I am heavily worked in it and so have developed training but I am standing on his shoulders and Yeadon’s and McCullough’s and Risch’s and Bridle’s. I dip my toe as I am bold and outspoken and do not fear the vapid fecal putrid bottom-dwelling media. They took their best shot at me to cancel me and I am now coming at them.

This article is great to raise the alarms but misses the boat, as it is the vaccine that is doing this. This pandemic will last 100 years because of this sub-optimal vaccine that does not sterilize (neutralize) the infectiousness of the virus, namely the virus’s spike antigen (and it’s binding epitopes).

‘An early surge of respiratory syncytial virus — better known as RSV — is straining pediatric hospital resources across the United States. Other respiratory viruses are rampant as well. There’s a phrase often used by pediatricians and parents when discussing the infectious risks and benefits of daycare versus in-home care for pre-school age children: Pay now or pay later.

The reality is that respiratory viruses are inevitable, and while a child cared for at home may contract fewer viral infections during those early years than one who goes to daycare, the child who attended daycare will enter kindergarten with more immunity than the child cared for at home, because all children will be exposed to these viruses. It’s a question of when, not if.’


Unintended consequence of COVID control measures — kids without immunity

The nearly two years of intense COVID-19 mitigation measures in school and daycare has shifted the advantage to the influenza and RSV viruses, for the moment.

see this prior substack by me:

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