It's the drive by, stupid! For Trump, it's not about if it's right; NO, dems & deepstate & RINOs know one thing, get lies into media & run it 24/7, it sticks; now he mishandled classified information?

by Paul Alexander

no matter if it is untrue, by the time they indict him, hearing, SCOTUS rules etc., its too late, the damage is done...where is his 'James Baker III' statesman or stateswoman to step up? He needs one!

It’s about the drive by, stupid! The drive by hit on the person’s character and name is all that matters in Washington putrid politics. A cesspool of filth, these people.

Does not need to be true or real or accurate, just make the hit on Trump and let the media do the rest! Trump’s problem is he has no elderly statesman like a James Baker III to step up and defend him…not Rudy type et al. A real statesman…not even Pompeo…Baker was the key to order to help Bush junior in the hanging chads disaster (but in the end, Bush was a disaster IMO). It was James Baker III who pulled out the win for Bush IMO. He brought order to the recount madness and even the media and dems fell into line! That type of gravitas in DC.

He needs an elderly statesman or stateswoman like a James Baker III, to step up and fast…someone who people listen to and respect. He needs just one.