'It's the economy, stupid', was coined by Bill Clinton in 1992; well, 'It's the vaccine, stupid', it is the COVID injection itself that causes infections, re-infections, hospitalizations, death (ADED)

by Paul Alexander

"It's the COVID vaccine, stupid", the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies (induced by the vaccine) cannot eliminate the virus, but binds to it, enhancing infectiousness to vaccinee, and re-infection

It is the COVID injection that is causing infection for the first time or re-infection (due to potential antigenic shift as their is massive population level mounting immune pressure on the spike antigen) and getting the vaccinee very sick. Yes, it is the COVID injection that is driving infection in the vaccinated and potential morbidity and mortality. It is not the virus. It is the properties given to the virus by the vaccine.

If you continue to place immune pressure on the virus without being able to sterilize, neutralize it, then you will cause fitter more infectious and more virulent variants to emerge as they are doing now.

We warn again, if the COVID vaccine is not stopped, it will select for not just an infectious variant, but a virulent lethal one too, causing more serious disease. Both infectious and lethal. It may be too late and this may be happening now with BA.5. The COVID vaccine will do this. Stand by, you will see what we mean. It is so very dangerous what these governments and vaccine makers have done, they know what they are doing and the nightmare they are causing, for in reaction, you ask for more vaccine. They get more money and power. You remain complacent and you acquiesce and stop thinking. You are about to deliver your child onto the altar of vaccine profits.

The key is to reduce the infectious pressure in the population and we can do that by not taking more vaccine, that is an insane step for it is the COVID vaccine that is contributing to the increased infection in the vaccinated. No, no vaccine, but rather it is the use of antiviral chemoprophylaxis to supplant mass vaccination in order to reduce infection and thus the immune pressure. You are seeking to reduce the numbers of virus available for binding with the infection facilitating vaccinal Abs. If you do not do this, then the vaccine must be stopped. One or the other, for if neither is stopped, then this pandemic will go on for 100 more years. I argue the vaccine developers and the public health officials in US, Canada etc. are not that stupid, cannot be that inept to not know what I just wrote above. Or are they? So in some manner, one may argue this is deliberate.

You are taking a COVID vaccine based on the initial legacy Wuhan strain that has not existed for a very long time, displaced by other variants and today we know it is Omicron and we are up to BA.4 and BA.5 as the dominant clades/sub-variants. Thus they are all lying to you, including your doctor that is giving you the shot. They know it cannot work, that all it will do is spike the antibodies that then wane rapidly, and all it does is reduces mild symptoms. The evidence is clear that the vaccinal antibodies are non-neutralizing and the virus is resistant to it. Yet the sub-optimal immune pressure by the vaccinal antibodies on the spike is causing the fittest most infectious variants to be selected and to escape the pressure. You have massive infectious pressure bumping up against mounting sub-optimal immune pressure that drives selection of more infectious and potentially more lethal variants.

The evidence tells us that it is not the virus that is infectious, it is not a property intrinsic to the virus, but it is the binding to the virus by the non-neutralizing antibodies that cannot eliminate the virus yet can still bind to it, that is giving it that property. The vaccinee is now at great risk of infection or re-infection and we argue that morbidity and mortality is rising due to this. It is the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies that is key cause of this and if we want this pandemic to continue for 100 years with infectious variant after infectious variant to emerge, then we keep vaccinating the very same way. Change nothing. And if you told me they will next change the spike to match BA.4 and BA.5, well by the time that comes, there will be new variants and again, you will be vaccinating ‘into’ a pandemic with high infectious pressure and with vaccinal antibodies that do not match the prevailing circulating virus and thus sub-optimal non-neutralizing immune pressure will mount coming up from the population.

The result? The same thing as now. More infectious and potentially lethal variants. The vaccine is causing the infectiousness. There is also original antigenic sin (OAS) where the Abs recall is to vaccine-primed anti-Spike Abs. It is the current vaccine that is contributing to the elevated infectious pressure as it is causing the vaccinated to become infected.

We are at risk now of antibody dependent enhancement of disease (ADED), akin to ADEI (antibody dependent enhancement of infection, sometimes referred to as antibody mediated viral enhancement).

It is either we stopped this failed vaccine or we reduce the infectious pressure in the environment. The vaccine is driving the infectious pressure so by stopping it, the pressure goes down and the sub-optimal vaccinal antibodies will have less virus to place under pressure and thus reduced risk of viral evolution. There will be less virus for the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies to bind to.

You are creating disaster if you think of the virus alone. You are clueless then. No, it is the interplay, the interaction within the viral-host ecosystem, that is striving to achieve ‘balance’, or equilibrium, that is going on between the virus and the host immune system at a population level, with the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies being a central player. The host has to find a way to cut the chain of transmission.

Those who have been vaccinated are in a unique situation of risk. We warn, do not touch the children with these injections.

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