It's the mRNA COVID vaccine stupid, it's the vaccine! like Clinton's 'it's economy, stupid'!; Pilot McAdams: 2nd Pfizer vaccine caused 2 cerebellar brain strokes 3 weeks post shot! many pilots have

by Paul Alexander

mRNA vaccine injury, many have silent myocarditis, many are very unwell; IMO, please, take no more of these mRNA technology gene based shots, never in your healthy child, DO NOT DO IT! CHD interview

Must planes crash fully loaded killing hundreds for the FAA and airline industry to act to mitigate risk before pilots enter the cockpit e.g. high-sensitive Troponin tests, EKGs, D-Dimers, chest MRIs etc.? Should they not now help their pilots who followed their specious unscientific deadly MOOT mandates and demands to keep their jobs?

When these beasts at CDC, FDA, Airline induStry, FAA etc. knew the science we were reporting daily that the vaccine never stopped transmission so thus no mandate was needed…again, we go to the 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse, we start the investigations and accountability there…

Makis did a nice stack here on this story and I share:

COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
VIDEO CLIPS - Pilot Tim McAdams, age 59, had 2 cerebellar strokes 3 weeks after 2nd Pfizer shot (Nov.2021), Pilot Larry talks about pilots with cardiac injuries not willing to take any more mRNA jabs
Watch now (3 mins) | Source and full Video: Children’s Health Defense ‘Pfizer Took My Career Away’ Tim McAdams, a 59-year-old pilot, health enthusiast, husband and father was content with his job training pilots for Airbus Helicopters — a job he held for over a decade — until Airbus mandated the COVID-19 vaccine for its employees…
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