It's the vaccine, stupid, it's not the virus that is causing continual perpetual emergence of infectious COVID Sub-variants; a GRADE 11 biology student can explain this to you on selection pressure!

by Paul Alexander

It's the economy, stupid, focus on the economy, nothing else (Bill Clinton, POTUS USA); it's the vaccine, stupid, focus on the vaccine, nothing else (Dr. Paul Alexander)

Listen to the junk garbage by this fraud Fauci and how they went from 100% efficacious and effective COVID vaccine to now negative effectiveness; we told them this one week after they rolled out the vaccine and even before they rolled it out 2 years ago. The would not listen. Why? Because they are stupid, dumb, and malfeasant. They did this deliberately. They brought us a vaccine that drives infectious variants (natural selection ‘selecting’ out more ‘fitter’ variants), rolled out during a pandemic, using the target for your immune system (spike protein) that is the very lethal part of the actual virus. One cannot be that inept and moronic. You cannot say thousands of scientists at CDC, NIH, NIAID, and FDA are that stupid. Or are they?