It's the vaccine, stupid, it's the vaccine! Sucharit Bhakdi agrees; 44 YEAR OLD PRINCESS BAJRAKITIYABHA OF THAILAND collapses after getting her 3rd booster; was not well since the booster

by Paul Alexander

THAI PRINCESS COMA MYSTERY – WORLD EXPERT BHADKI SAYS IT’S A COVID JAB; The Thai palace confirmed she had suffered a ‘heart issue’.


‘Speaking on the ‘neutralswiss‘ Rumble channel yesterday, Bhakdi said:

‘This whole COVID-19 agenda is a fake… And I was able to lay out for them the proof that the COVID vaccinations were based on fraud… The EMA declared that safety pharmacological studies were never performed – never. And they were never deemed necessary. So now we have it. So, when I told the Thais this, you know guys, they jumped up. They jumped up in the room. And so they said to me ‘we will see to it that Thailand is the first country in the world that is going to declare this contract null… Which means that Pfizer BioNTech is going to have to pay back those billions to Thailand, with which Thailand will recompensate those peoples that have lost their existence…

‘One daughter of the present king Rama X collapsed and is in a coma… within 23 days after the third shot, 44 years old, never been seriously ill, collapsed and is now in a coma. The diagnosis that was given by the authorities and by the university is so ridiculous – she’s supposed to have a bacterial infection that will never do what she suffered from. And so we are determined, and the activists in Thailand who have been on this many many months now – great guys, also a professor from the University of Bangkok, he’s gotten in touch with the Royal Family, and we are sending information to the Royal Family to alert them to the fact that in all probability the princess is suffering as a victim of this jab, as so many people around the world have been suffering.’