It's the vaccine, stupid! The vaccine! COVID gene injection mRNA/DNA shot may be cause of sudden collapse of Bill's NFL player Damar Hamlin; this may be silent myocarditis; Drs. OSKOUI, McCullough

by Paul Alexander

If myocarditis due to the vaccine had damaged his heart muscle & he did not know & he exerted himself, the surge in catecholamines would stress the heart with sub-optimal muscle, causes cardiac death!

Bill Clinton said famously: “It’s the economy, stupid, it’s the economy!”

Dr. Paul Elias Alexander is saying: “It’s the vaccine, stupid, it’s the vaccine!”

The media is trying with relentless coverage to deflect you from where the discussion should be. You must think carefully now.

See my prior substack on the crushing Damar Hamlin’s collapse.

See judicial vanguard Tom Fitton’s Twitter statement:

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VACCINE: Bills NFL football safety Damar Hamlin collapses in game against Bengals; Dr. Ramin Oskoui cardiologist called me & sent me some information; Dr. McCullough has been screaming about this
I say again, stop this COVID gene injection immediately! Across all age groups. We would be foolish and reckless to ignore all the high quality fit elite athletes who have died suddenly while playing sports. We pray. Dr. Oskoui suggested to be open to all possibilities here such that a damaged heart due to the vaccine could not withstand the hit it ordi…
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