It's time for those in the 'freedom movement' to stop pimping & raping the US public, come on, not everything is to be fund-raised on, it is pure barfary, only matched by Harry & Megan; big pimpers

by Paul Alexander

Stop pimping in print for sole purpose ONLY to then run out to say 'hey, look what they just printed, can I fund raise off that'; stop taking donor money for enrichment, hotels & parties & lush living

BIG PIMPIN SPENDING G's, is the real name for some in the COVID freedom fighter movement.

First, huge love and respect to all! Especially the last 3 years. Some of the most remarkable people.

No, no idiot don’t write me next telling me I am angry. I am not. I am just real. I am not owned and I don’t need your validation or money. I need money, I was cancelled, but I ain’t no freedom fighter money whore. I say what I want to say and you cannot cancel me. You tried, I am still standing!

Yet I gots a bone to pick with some homies in our Freedom fighter hood, so to speak.

It is time to stop taking advantage of people who donate their hard earned money to you. Give back.

Is barfary a word? I think it is, and if not, lets make it one to describe the freedom movement media people. Irrelevant prior, creating relevance yet using hurt and pain and suffering in COVD to do it. They have zero, not one bit of care about those lost and hurt in COVID, just getting you to part with your money.


If the police horse takes a dump in the street, they will come to do a story and then link it to COVID and ask you to donate.

Bottom-dwellers. I have no regard for them.

Stop! Between Harry’s frost bitten penis and the daily laughs of the Royal family, what a bunch of hypocrites and tax payer money leaches, what a bunch of losers, barf worthy on any given day! Next minute Megan might tell us she takes vaginal cleansing baths with Will’s wife. Maybe. When we were told this as a news story, that was the end for me and I think it was why Will had to slap the guy, he is irrelevant. No one is interested and your leftist politics speaks for itself. You bought that Oscar, wokeness and political bullsh*t bought that. Not good acting. That’s the key, when you become irrelevant and no on pays you mind, go make a show about racism and slavery and the like. Thats it!

Who is interested in Harry’s and Megan’s money whorishness ‘only worth the toilet paper it is written on’ tripe? You would need to be an idiot to buy into that crap and take any of it seriously. Pure bottom-dwellers. I believe all staged for relevance. With the challenges and hurts and pain the British people live and global persons, these two are asinine, absurd, irrelevant. Just leaches on the tax payer teats and these morons, lived large and benefitted from the Royal family and now attacking them. Yeah, right! Give back the money. Start there. Matched only by COVID freedom fighter media players, especially the ‘streamers’ and the ‘media’ portion of the freedom movement, what a bunch of money-whore jokers, users, pimpers, like street corner pimps, people using real pain and suffering of others, in order to pocket money and enrich themselves. Disgusting and some are outright fraudulent. Some are tremendous good people, sacrificing lots, doing real good work, God’s work. Take Jeff Tucker as an example. Take Dr. Naomi Wolf as an example. Russell Brand. I admire him. Even Berenson and his over the top antics at times. He is smart and trying like Russel to ‘do a good’. You thought he was a jokester only? Did you? Your thought Russell was a ding dong, did you? The guy has turned out to be smarter than most of the COVID doctors and scientists.

I will stand by them for I know the sacrifices. Yet for the majority, it’s a drinking fest, a sordid socializing ‘sleep around’ fest, behaving like the male congressmen freaks in Washington, preying on the interns, using ‘power’ to get their way, so too we pretenders in the freedom movement, para ‘let’s use the money we collect from hard working people who want to show thanks, and hell, they are stupid enough to give us money, so let’s use it for lavish hotels and parties and rent hotel rooms and have gatherings and self-congratulate as we flatulate on each other and drink up on hard working money and show nothing for it, but more of the same.’

It is time all those in the freedom fighter cause, understand we are at an inflection point and all you have done so far is bullsh*t nothing, save for a few. Risch, McCullough, Oskoui stand out. This is war! Get with it. You are pissing in the wind, a circular firing squad. Stop, stop the name dropping, yes we know he is ‘your friend’, stop, stop the rushing to pimp money when you attend somewhere. Just get back to basics, get back to the ‘people’, flyover America, hurting people who lost, get back to the real Canadians, for they are listening but we run the risk of damaging this cause and it fading to nothing. Stop using me, using McCullough, using Kennedy for your money raising crap, stop pimping off of us. We have done well to hold the line, but 2023 needs serious efforts beyond your pimping ways.

Many of you are good people, I know you, but you are too damn greedy! You forgot what this is all about! You are rabidly greedy and just using a cause for your enrichment.

You got to give back, those like all you streamers who raped the benevolent people especially in the trucker convoys, the reason you are irrelevant today is because you pocketed it all and the ‘people’ grew to understand. So now don’t bother with you. You did not help the people you benefitted from. You are pimpers. You and many like you, even very out front scientists and doctors, are pimpers of the highest order, only pocketing money. This is big business for them. They want COVID to continue forever. They get to be on television and take your money! Out of your kindness.

Shame on you for there was and is still today, real pain, harsh suffering and devastating consequences including deaths, hangings, suicide, overdoses, emotional devastation, pure catastrophe from the fraud pandemic, or should we say ‘the little pandemic that could’, from the fraud devastating lockdowns that killed more than it saved, from the outright lies about asymptomatic transmission in COVID that never was, the fraud flawed over-cycled PCR test that placed 95% who were really false positives into isolation, the deadly school closures on children (hung themselves), the eviscerating business closures that caused many business owners to commit suicide, the vicious parents who abused and beat their children senseless in the lockdowns, out of desperation, the entire fraud of all of it.

And for an illness with an IFR of 0.05% those 70 years and below and 0.0003% for those 0-19 years and nearly 0.000% for 0-10 years, where the median age of death is 82 to 83 in January 2023 as it was February 2020, and when life expectancy is 79 years. So for an illness that kills beyond life expectancy and never cut life short. With so much pain and suffering, we have the pimpers and money whores like Harry and Megan and the COVID freedom fighter media and many in the movement keen only of enticing you to donate to them, some fraudsters so called ‘scientists’ who really are part of why we got here in the first place, and other money whores raping the benevolent ‘giver’, pain and suffering, giving out of love for the freedom fighter, yet you rape their pockets with your greed and hubris.

Shame on you all!