'J & J' PHARMA shut down repeatedly; company behind J & J's production, Emergent Biosolutions (EB) prior in charge of the vaccine production; How did J & J & EB get VAX deal? EB has been producing

by Paul Alexander

bad vaccines since 2017, a site where anthrax vaccine is filled into vials, workers even mixed together the wrong ingredients; then gets deal to make 100 million COVID vaccines?


Emergent shuts down COVID-19 vaccine production at troubled plant after feds put J&J in charge



"The plant owner behind up to 15 million botched doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has reportedly been cited for quality issues before. On Thursday, it emerged that Emergent Biosolutions has repeatedly violated the FDA’s quality control guidelines since 2017, earning them multiple citations for mold problems and inadequately trained employees, according to records the AP obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The past violations were said to have happened in multiple plants around the nation, including a site where an anthrax vaccine is filled into vials." Plant workers even mixed together the wrong ingredients and distributed them. 

See: https://www.thedailybeast.com/emergent-biosolutions-producer-of-jandj-vaccine-cited-for-mold-problems-and-poorly-trained-workers.


In 2020, J&J singed and announced an agreement with the government to produce 100 million doses of "Investigational COVID-19 Vaccine". See: https://www.jnj.com/johnson-johnson-announces-agreement-with-u-s-government-for-100-million-doses-of-investigational-covid-19-vaccine

Remember, that J & J made a baby powder that caused ovarian cancer, resulting in the product being pulled off the shelf.



Fittingly, in March, J&J had to discard 15 million vaccines that were a mixture of 2 vaccines that they intended to distribute, that come from Emergent (EB). https://www.fiercepharma.com/pharma/at-request-fda-emergent-s-troubled-baltimore-plant-suspends-j-j-vaccine-production.