Jacinda says "she no longer has "enough in the tank" to do the job justice"; New Zealand Prime Minister; I say no, she's running to the hills for she may face prison for what she did with COVID lunacy

by Paul Alexander

emotional? shove it Jacinda, shed tears first for those who died in New Zealand from your lunacy and COVID dictatorship ex cathedra tendencies; your lockdown policies killed people; JUSTICE!

No resigning, take her to a court house now and start the trial.

This Prime Minister as did the Australian and Canadian etc. Prime Ministers hurt their people and devastated their people. Harmed them with lockdowns and vaccine. Devastated. She must before she departs, instruct that all the COVID vaccines must be stopped now. Immediate. The healing will begin.

We must not forget what she has done and ensure her policies are examined and investigated fully. People died due to her.

see my prior substack:

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New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to step down in February: why do you think? Do you think she suspects that soon, she will be on the hot seat as people REALLY understand the crimes she did?
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Hillary needs to go back into the woods and keep drinking, if this is her view on Jacinda whose actions killed New Zealanders. This is what happens when you are irrelevant, you spew garbage like this.