James Topp and I and his team arrive at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Ottawa, and there were thousands lined up screaming; it was beautiful, see some photos; June 30th 2022; I thank the police

by Paul Alexander

The police and specials units helped us with the crowds and the security. I praise. The march was to get the mandates dropped, all of them and the emergency powers and to make Canadians 'whole' again

I wanted you to get an idea of the thousands who were there, do not buy the bullshit lies as usual the filthy media is saying about 500 people coming out, there were tens of thousands came to see us. Tens of thousands, lined the streets especially the last 2 days. The guys in green are military and police who were hurt by the lockouts and vaccine lockouts who said NO. These are people who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Highly trained experts in warfare (including some locked out RCMP and OPP) and they were our security marching and everywhere, they were part my and Hodkinson’s security in the Ottawa Trucker convoy too when we went to the parliament stage to address the crowds on the science…

I actually did not know I was known by so many in Canada. I am writing and speaking a lot but I was overwhelmed, I could not talk at times as they came to me, it is an unusual feeling, and at one point I was scared for people just were so happy and I was near tears…it was very hard to not break down. People were hugging me crying and telling me all the hurt from the vaccines and who they lost in their families and friends, it was very very moving. I felt overcome. I never felt this way before and maybe it was just so many people. All had a touching hurtful story. They came with their children too. Canadians were badly hurt by the COVID response. All of the COVID response failed. Badly hurt by the injections. This crowd should tell the government something.


Security trying to manage James Topp and I as the crowd was wild, beautiful, thick, just so much energy but we had security risks too…




James Topp with me signing flags