James Topp has been marching across Canada, thousands of miles to inform and protest the vaccine and all the mandates; he is a decorated veteran; he ends in the tomb of the unknown soldier

by Paul Alexander

He has asked me to go with him into the Canadian parliament (he was invited) on Wednesday June 22nd to sit for the day with MPs and senators who will attend, 25 have agreed so far

We have meetings in Ottawa, parliament on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd June.

His walk has become a huge deal and they are taking notice and we go to talk about dropping the mandates and emergency powers. The latter is key.

I will be joining his final pull on June 30th into Ottawa, I will walk the final leg, we are arranging security etc. and those wanting to, can come.

I will be his science at the Parliament this Tuesday, and he will be speaking on behalf of millions of Canadians harmed by all the lunatic COVID policies and vaccines.

He is a remarkable man, the real hero of our time, I am honored and will join him at the parliament for 2 days of meetings.

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