James Topp & I met today to plan June 21st prep and then Wednesday 22nd June Meet in parliament Canada, approx 25 MPs thus far, then panel meet on 23rd June Ottawa; we do final Ottawa leg 30th June

by Paul Alexander

to the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, join in, walk into Ottawa, come by the thousands you Canadians, to the Tomb, it is time to tell Trudeau we are done with his COVID bull shit & his COVID Cartel!

I am so proud to be working with this guy, humbled! Trudeau and his COVID Cartel and Star Chamber must know it is over, we are done with the lies and bull shit from his health experts! Show us the science!

Support James! This is the real deal, real Canadian, I say global hero.

We have to find a way to go forward and fix this…fix Canada, fix the US…our governments damaged us with unsound unscientific polices. We have to fix to heal. And we need accountability.