James Topp, the real hero and military veteran in Canada who stood against the vaccine & was court marshalled; this is James & me in Canadian parliament meeting with MPs, senators discussing vaccine

by Paul Alexander

harms and the disastrous effects of the lockdowns on Canadian society; JAmes 4th from left, I am 6th (well I think you know me ;-); what an honor to meet these people; me marching with James, Pierre

I am taking this photo:

Canadians thanking me and James:


That was one of our security looking on:

Canadians who came to see James and I as we entered Ottawa:

In Canadian Senate:

Canadians greeting me, it was overwhelming!

Security around us, it was frightening at times, these were veteran soldiers, live active soldiers, police laid off no vaccine who said they will guard me/us as I/we walked and give speeches and they have, it is remarkable what they have done!

I am taking these shots, they are the buffer in green uniforms:

I took this photo, this is the crowd I face with James, all those guys in green were our security keeping crowds under control, soldiers, police, just the best people: