James Topp veteran entrance to Ottawa Thursday June 30th 2022 b/f Canada day, beautiful Canada, the flag; James spoke after touching Tomb of unknown solider, I was to then say a few words, was stopped

by Paul Alexander

Word came to me/us to not move to speak after James as based on the Ottawa convoy disaster in winter with the crackdown on the truckers and rally goers, I would be arrested; so no go!

I did not know the credibility of the advisement but I took it seriously enough given how the government had acted prior on innocent people in the trucker convoy etc. and moves to arrest people.

You know I was on stage daily outside parliament in Canada with Dr. Roger Hodkinson and at times Bridle…but I would say Ottawa celebrations this year were not celebrations, it was a lockdown security state for Canada day and I decided to leave Ottawa as soon as we did the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. James made a beautiful speech, what a remarkable beautiful man, and his aid Christian (his team), this is what a real hero is and statesman and yet the military of Canada are trying to court marshal him for not taking the vaccine and speaking out about this. My Canada has fallen.

Bottom line is I was to say a few words after James for people were calling for me to talk, on COVID, the vaccine, none for children etc. and the march I partook in with James, but for reasons as I just shared, I/we decided I would not talk and just leave Ottawa. I did.

Canada remains greatest to me and most, a beautiful nation worth fighting for and saving. Greatest people, our police, our military, our boarder agents, our front line peoples. Sweet peoples. We do not abandon ship, we bail water and we save her and get her back on the right course. I have allegiance to 2 flags, US and Canada. I will sacrifice for both.

BTW, James is not done, he is determined to complete the entire Canada to the East coast and around July 18th or so, the march begins again. I am seeing how I may join/help him for it is an honor to walk alongside this remarkable Canada, hero, a great human being and heart. Better than most people I know.