Japan: cases surge COVID BA.5 subvariant; see what we mean by not coming back to baseline with successive waves; see Japan's vaccination rate & death curve post case spike; MORE vaccine is not answer

by Paul Alexander

With such elevated vaccine rates you would think Japan would fare well with BA.5? do not lockdown, protect elderly, use Vit D3, use early treatment, nasal-oral wash, rest of society to live normal

COVID lockdown lunacy policies have failed in the past 2 years, Japan must not do this again; no more of that fraud lockdown lunacy!

Just take care of the vulnerable e.g. elderly in nursing homes, by reasonable strong protections and allow the rest of low risk society to live normal lives; leave them alone, go on with life; none of this was ever needed!!!

We as tax payers globally gave billions to hospitals like how US and Canada and UK etc. did, so these hospitals and CEOs got all that tax money and 2 years to prepare and they asked only for 2 weeks…so no hospital in US, Canada, Japan etc. should be ‘strained’…if this is reported by media, means many hospitals, CEOs, government members, ministers, MPs, congresspersons, senators etc. enriched themselves and stole the PPP COVID prep money from the tax payer. Investigate this, for if any hospital says they under ‘strain’. They got billions and 2 years to re-organize and prepare, They asked for 15 days to flatten the curve, got 2 years.

Again, tax payers in US and Canada and UK and Japan etc. gave billions to the hospitals and their CEOs to prepare and re-organize, for PPE, PPP etc. If anyone, any hospital says they are under strain means they embezzled and stole the money to buy houses and cars and stash it away. I call for investigations of every dollar that these crooks got. This is where the focus has to be, see which buddy and family of hospital CEOs and of government people got PPE, PPP COVID relief money.

Remember prevention: 2 to 3 times per day nasal-oral wash (especially if you were in crowd, packed, no ventilation, and you are high risk) using povidone iodine 10% diluted (3 table spoons in 500 ml boiled or sterile water), or hydrogen peroxide, swish and spit, no swallow, use a Q-tip to clean out nasal passage etc. near 100% effective in killing the COVID virus and other pathogen.

Just calm down, turn off CNN and FOX, both garbage junk reporting, and you stand back and think for yourself. And never, under any circumstance, allow these COVID injections near your low risk children! Fight like hell!