Japan & South Africa: tale of 2 nations, one took massive COVID gene injection (mRNA-DNA platforms), the other did not; one used early treatment & prophylaxis; what do you see with infections? INNATE!

by Paul Alexander

We see this consistently across the world where the highly vaccinated nations & those that denied use of early treatment have massively elevated infection, hospitalization & death; Africa has WON!

One nation (and generally the African continent) allowed it’s population TIME to more properly train and educate and inform it’s innate immune system (via the potent role of natural innate antibodies and natural killer cells) and to be exposed, with recovery and natural immunity, and now look how it has responded to omicron and all sub-variants/clades. Africa has won! India I am concerned about as it has taken a surge of vaccine recently and I am studying its data. Yet, as I look at the data of vaccine update here (India), it could well be that the depressed infection rates due to omicron etc. is due to them taking the COVID shots (regardless of type) in a delayed manner after their immune systems were properly trained. It could also be due to India’s use of early treatment and as prophylaxis. We know this for sure e.g. Uttar Pradesh. TIME seemed to have benefitted African nations like South Africa and India.

So while India’s vaccine update is near 70% as above, it took the shots late and thus developed substantial background immunity and innate immune training. The question is whether the shots would or could over-write their natural immunity and we will see if they created a catastrophe in time. For now, all systems are go, and it seems they are weathering omicron and XBB and BQ superbly.

The African continent knew the key role of the anti-helminth anti-parasitic drugs worked for near one century and applied them lavishly. The use of early treatment drugs like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin by Africa may not even have been a deliberate effort due to COVID, but due to their use across time for malaria, parasites etc. Yet, they seemed to understand the impact of ivermectin on RNA dependent RNA polymerase enzyme and viral replication etc. Look at the result, coupled to the younger populations. They understood the role of the anti-virals when used in combination and sequenced.

The western world was happy with its enshrined sick, twisted racism and colonial mentality and discrimination of brown and black peoples and snickered and sneered at Africans and Asians who could not even afford the vaccines. It is that poverty and questioning by the Africans, it is that racism by the western nations of Canada, US, Britain and Europe, who hoarded and stuck gene injections out of their eyeballs and up their colonial slave arses, that now is haunting them for the Pfizer and Moderna COVID injection has failed, the mRNA and DNA platform does not confer sterilizing immunity, has damaged the immune systems of vaccinated people, is driving infectious variants (and potentially virulent ones) to emerge, causes the vaccinated to become infected and worse still. Hospitalization and death faces them.

Thank God we knew 2 weeks out that the mortality was low, lower than even for seasonal influenza and thank God for that, for if this was lethal then Africans and South Asians would have died massively as westerners and rich nations hoarded vaccine and ran around with their 12 shots each. So Africa dodged the bullet as could not afford the deadly vaccine to begin with and was hoarded by richer nations, yet the pathogen was not that lethal.

Yet the hubris, the arrogance, the absurdity, the non-sensical, illogical, irrational mentality of the west, the ex cathedra mentality of non-brown, non-blacks, the duplicity and malfeasance of the pharmaceutical companies with the death shot, has laid bare the filth of it all and showed us that Africa, love the black person or not, HAS WON! I say praise the Lord! Praise the Lord for the black man and woman as they told you take your western death shot and shove it! The immune system of the African person is the prize, as is the immune system of the unvaccinated westerner, your unvaccinated western child. Protect it with your life.

I hear the elites in the west and Europe will fly to anywhere you tell them to come too, polluting God’s earth with their jets, and pay big money for your blood and immune system. Ha ha ha! Oh how I love it! The irony of it all!

One thing is for sure, COVID has settled the dust and showed us the sickness and malfeasance of humans, of sordid banal behavior, and sadly, even in the COVID movement itself. I would argue that the most putrid poorly behaved holier than thou yet most inept and stupid corrupted people I have met, not all, are in the COVID freedom fighter movement.

Thank you Africa and Asia, for there is still hope! You helped us crystalize human behavior in a time of crisis.

“It’s the vaccine, stupid, it’s the vaccine & it’s the innate immune system, stupid, it’s the innate immune system!”