Japanese Biodistribution study that Dr. Byram Bridle warned about showing that lipid-nano particles, the mRNA & thus possible spike bio-accumulated in distant tissue & organs based on rat model; Table

by Paul Alexander

Bridle was pilloried by all, the media, his insane putrid University colleagues etc. Family threatened, his life threatened. Yet he was 100% correct. He was first to show us this & many pimped off him

Do not forget this seminal work by Bridle. The lipid-nano particle platform has always been a failure and shown to be devastating as part of this gene injection. Nothing about the mRNA gene-injection platform has worked, not now, not in the past. The vaccine manufacturers were criminals to do this, to bring this fraud injection that was never safety tested. And Bridle warned us and IMO, must be given the Order of Canada for his pioneering work out of Canada.

See the 48 hour bio-accumulation; see from page 6:



Bridle should get the Order of Canada.

We see a 67-fold increase in vaccine content (Lipid) at 48 hours in the adrenals and a 188-fold increase taken up (concentrate) in the ovaries in rats and they were sacrificed at that time. Who knows where it would have gotten to had the rats not been sacrificed?