Jason Chansley aka the “Q Shaman” on January 6th tells everyone to 'go home' quote “go home”, following Donald Trump’s text and video tweets, telling his followers to be the “party of law and order”

by Paul Alexander

to respect the POTUS and go home; 'we are not ANTIFA' he said, 'go home'! respect the men and women in blue! is this what you were told for 2 years???? 'we made our point, now lets go home'

I believe the entire J 6 was planned, Trump was IMP baited, when I look at the videos and McConnel and Pelosi in the capital etc., they were cool as breeze, this was set, this was staged…unlawful acts are never ever justified and no one is saying that. But something stunk to high heavens. I think this was staged…