JD RUCKER: Faith, Family, Nation: How Common Priorities of Old Have Become the Keys to Our Survival Today; We are in the fight of our lives whether we want to admit it or not. Things are changing so

by Paul Alexander

rapidly that it's common for people to no longer notice how crazy everything has become. Excellent substack that Karen Kingston has shared and I decided to also share with you

‘Ever since I was a young lad all those decades ago, I've heard different variations of the common priority list for a good life. My earliest recollection of it was from my uncle who said, "God, family, country, in that order, kid."

Unfortunately, it has become a cliché in many ways as people who clearly are not putting faith or family first use the priority list as a way to virtue signal on the social media bios. By no means am I suggesting people shouldn't declare their priorities if they're real, but let's make sure our reality matches our claims.


As our nation and the people within it are diving headlong into possible oblivion with multiple existential threats surrounding us, these common priorities have gone from being a cool t-shirt slogan to an imperative guiding principle. If we are to survive as both a nation and individuals, we have to embrace this philosophical framework in all that we do.

First, let me address those who do not share my Biblical faith. As someone who believes in the entirety of the Bible, my worldview is driven by the knowledge that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I know that there are readers who embrace other faiths. It would be easy and political correct for me to say, "Hey, you can apply this to whatever faith you hold," but that would be a lie. This article is squarely rooted in end times eschatology from the Old and New Testament. Therefore, Judeo-Christian beliefs are necessary for an appropriate understand of what's happening around us as well as what we must do to fight the good fight.

I'm not going to be preaching or quoting a bunch of Bible verses. But those who do not share a Biblical worldview will not be able to draw much from this article.

With that said, we are either in the end times or we're in a foreshadowing echo of them. Either way, it means we must sharpen our tools and take the framework of "Faith, Family, Nation" more seriously than we ever have before. Everything from our day-to-day actions to plans for the distant future should be determined based on framing within this philosophy. It should drive how we act today and it should guide what we plan to do tomorrow.



Again, we can't just assume any ol' faith can apply in this article. This paradigm won't work with Islam, for example, because as a religion it deters from the other two components. The Quran puts the good of the nation ahead of the good of the family. It also demands theocratic rule, whereas the Bible claims the only theocracy that can work is one led by Jesus Christ during His millennial reign.

It is imperative that we lead with faith in all we do, or to be more accurate, that we are led by our faith. We cannot properly guide our families in these tumultuous times if we relegate faith to an hour on Sundays.

The obvious reason to lead with faith as our top priority is salvation. If that's even a question, it may be time to put down this article and pick up your Bible. But even with salvation secured, faith is necessary if we are to be able to protect our family and lift up our nation.

Faith gives us emotional strength. It contends with the impulses we may have to take the wrong path. Most importantly, it gives us, our families, and our nation the hope that is becoming increasingly necessary. The people are understandably losing hope for their families and this nation. We see a dark path being paved for everyone other than the elites. With faith, we can persevere through the tumult knowing that God wins now and always. Even as we go through hardships, the faithful can sense the literal light at the end of the figurative tunnel.


Prioritizing family seems like a no-brainer for many. If you are one of those, consider yourself blessed. There are plenty of Americans who struggle to put family above their own interests. This is why divorce rates are so high, why fathers are often absent in the lives of their children, and why infidelity is practically expected, even if "only" in the form of engaging with pornography.

Only faithfully living under a Biblical worldview can solve these challenges. Laws, self-help guides, and marriage counselors can only offer band-aids. Embracing the Biblical interpretation of marriage and family must surge in America again, or we will be lost.

For those who are firmly set with prioritizing family, we must continue to work harder. That's not just about being good parents, spouses, and children. It's about defending ourselves and our family members spiritually and physically. There's a reason why nearly all of my sponsors are geared toward some form of preparedness. I could make 10X more revenue by taking on non-essential sponsors, but I believe in making every family and individual who reads or hears my content to be as unbeholden to government as possible.

If we are truly to defend this nation, we need to be able to defend it against the enemies within. That means working with like-minded people, but even that is secondary to making sure our own families are secure. If and when things get really bad, there will be those who can take care of their families and those who cannot. That second group will, unfortunately, be much larger. They will be herded into 15-minute cities, forced to get jabbed to qualify for their universal basic income checks, and will likely own nothing while being told they're happy.

Whether we're going to stop the forces of evil or if we're going to be here to rebuild later, we will need as many self-reliant individuals and families as possible. If we're not in the end times, then we will either save this nation or be forced to rebel against the forces that take it over. If we are in the end times, then we'll need to resist as long as we can so we can do as we're charged to spread the Gospel. Either way, building our families' self-reliance is paramount.


This third priority is not about sheer patriotism. Preserving America isn't about "saving democracy" or "empowering capitalism," as many believe. Those may or may not have been important aspects of our nation's role in geopolitics in the past, but we are no longer a representative nation of freedom or economic opportunity. Maybe we never were. Maybe it was always an illusion.

What's NOT an illusion is the biggest reason we must defend our Constitution and do everything we can to prevent our nation from falling. Religious freedom is a uniquely American thing. Sure, there are religious liberties allowed in most countries, but those liberties are always secondary to the whims of the state. Until the last few decades, it can be argued that religious freedom was the most important differentiator between America and the rest of the world. Today, we are becoming much more like Europe and other western nations where religion is tolerated... barely.

Every evil that is at our doorsteps in the world today can be directly or peripherally attached to destroying the faith. The climate change cult adheres to the religion of Gaia worship. Trans-supremacy is about declaring that God either made a mistake by putting people in the wrong bodies or God doesn't exist at all. The banking crisis, food crisis, energy crisis, and all other worldly manufactured crises are designed to make people dependent on a government as supreme over faith and everything else. Don't even get me started on Artificial General Intelligence, Transhumanism, sex trafficking, or any of the other demonic threats we're facing as a nation.

We need our nation to be strong in order for our nation to preserve our religious liberties. But strength guided by evil will be no better (and possibly worse) than weakness that allows outside forces to control us. In other words, saving our nation from threats is not enough. We have to save this nation from its greatest enemy... itself.

The endgame for those plotting the downfall of America is to wipe religious liberties from the Constitution. If that takes dissolving the Constitution altogether, they'll try to do just that.

Practical Use of These Priorities

Hopefully you either appreciated the importance of Faith-Family-Nation before or you now understand why these three priorities are required as guidance for everything we do in this world. If not, ask questions in the comments below and I will do what I generally avoid. This time, I'm going to read all of the comments and reply to some of them.

Assuming you had or now have an understanding of what we face, how can we apply it to our lives? Let's start with faith. The popular bumper sticky from the 90s asked, "What would Jesus do?" The real question we should be asking ourselves pretty much non-stop is, "What would Jesus want me to do?"

The Bible lays out a simple plan. Pray, repent, immerse yourself in the Bible as much as possible, share the Gospel, rinse, repeat. If we can do these things and teach our family to do the same, we're well on our way to surviving our challenges today. But don't think that just because you're faithful that you won't go through hardship. In fact, your faith may be the death of you in a not-too-distant future iteration of America. Stay faithful nonetheless. Stay faithful to the end. Just as Daniel's friends Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah declared when facing death at the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar II, God is able to deliver us. That means that whether by allowing us to overcome or by bringing us through death to our salvation, we will be delivered.

Their wording in Daniel 3:17-18 is powerful:

If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, O king.

But if not, be it known unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up.

We need that type of courage as many of us will face persecution unlike anything we've experienced in our lives. We must be prepared.

We must also make our families prepared. I've had the most uncomfortable conversation of my life with all of my children. I've explained to them that no matter what the situation, they cannot comply with demands to renounce Jesus Christ. The example I used was if terrorists had swords at our throats and they told my children they would behead us unless they renounced Christ, they are to tell us goodbye and let our heads roll. It's a harsh illustration, but it may be tame compared to what we may face. Keeping them spiritually prepared is the most important gift you can give to anyone in your family.

With that said, there's nothing wrong with being physically prepared as well. Food, water, ammunition, shelter away from the cities, precious metals, medicines, extra supplies... there is nothing anti-Biblical about preparedness. God didn't tell Joseph to let the people starve during the seven years of famine. He used it as a way to deliver the future Israel, albeit through a very long ordeal that lasted centuries. Thankfully, our preparedness does not have to last that long.

To save the nation, we need the previous two priorities to be firmly in place so we can fight the good fight. Despite this being the third priority, it's also the most complex so I will not go into details in this already-too-long article.

Here are the bullets:

  • We must be able and willing to protest

  • We must file lawsuits

  • We must be discerning with our votes

  • We must not give up on stopping voter fraud

  • We must localize our lives as much as possible

  • We must stop the various attacks by Cultural Marxists (trans-supremacy et al)

The list can actually go on and on... and it will in a future article.

It all comes back to not giving up hope. This is only possible, in my humble opinion, when we know that our God is supreme and will deliver us, whether in this life or the next. Stay frosty, folks.’

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Faith, Family, Nation: How Common Priorities of Old Have Become the Keys to Our Survival Today
Ever since I was a young lad all those decades ago, I've heard different variations of the common priority list for a good life. My earliest recollection of it was from my uncle who said, "God, family, country, in that order, kid." Unfortunately, it has become a cliché in many ways as people who clearly are not putting faith or family first use the prior…
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