'Jill Biden: US first lady tests positive for Covid-19'; shows complete failure of fraud mRNA technology COVID vaccine (at least 4 shots Pfizer etc); I wish her full recovery; She is high-risk if has

by Paul Alexander

underlying medical issues; yet this sub-variant is mild (less than a cold), that she needs IMO relevant antibiotics NOW if any lung involvement (even slight cough), vitamin D3, anti-infectives (below)

EG.5 (Eris) or BA.2.86 or FL or XBB.1.5 (on decline) sub-variant clades are mild, no indication of lethality, no data, yet highly infectious and no XBB.1.5 coming booster will work, it will fail and as with the bivalent BA.4 and BA.5 recent booster based on 8 mice. This XBB1.5 spike booster will be facing a mismatched virus antigen and thus will drive selective pressure and thus more variants and one can be virulent. Deadly. The vaccine has failed, it must stop!

All we need to do now is NOTHING as to COVID, its done, just strongly protect the vulnerable like FLOTUS Biden and no lockdowns, no school closures, no masking (your preference but it is a junk failure, has never worked). Just go on with life as the circulating variants are milder than a common cold. Again, always, as for colds or influenza or any microbe or infection, we protect the vulnerable ONLY, no mass testing of asymptomatic people, no mass quarantines of well people etc. All failed, NOTHING worked! Not one COVID policy these idiots at CDC and HHS and Health Canada and PHAC and SAGE implemented worked, they just helped kill innocent people who TRUSTED these psychos. It is up to you!

The 20 Horsemen of the COVID Apocalypse must be investigated! Accountability.