Jim Jordon, met in person in congress, fierce fighter, some say a bloviator like Gowdy, I say no select subcommittee, you ain't in power yet stumbling; we have the evidence, we just want jail!

by Paul Alexander

a stern letter? No, we want action! its JAILING time, & if courts rule at some time, proper inquiry that actions were taken that caused deaths in COVID & otherwise & calls for death penalty, so be it!

What, another sternly worded letter? Come on, if we give you the house and you do that, you will never get power again. The people have had it with this dog and pony show. Someone wrote and I want take Jim out of that pack:

“Jim Jordan...Darrel Issa....Howdy Gowdy...the list of ineffective GOP bloviators goes on forever.”

What about Hunter? Will you tend to that? Republicans must learn, pimp for pimp, jail for jail…they jailed 5 or 6 so far, so find 6 of their and jail them! that’s how we want you to role, no EFF in committees, that’s bollocks and you know it Jim. Come on, I met you, you came across as having some church-bell balls, so put them on display now!