Jim Torma is on fire here TWEETING with the troubling issue of the SALINE factor in the COVID vaccinated! This is Torma's TWEET below, the saline factor could horrifically change the final numbers

by Paul Alexander

If 1/3 of persons were given saline, then the percentage of persons being harmed and dying would be far greater for the number of harms were DILUTED by the saline; I/we need to run some numbers

I think Torma is onto something and one of the key issues is that they unblinded the study by giving those in placebo the vaccine.

‘You see I was listening to 97.7, the What % of people injected with a needle of “stuff” were given saline around the world. Pfizer admitted in the recent hearings in Europe that their employees got a different “COVID” injection. Can @JackPosobiec please ask this extremely important question?


Who was “selected” for the saline solution?

Was it those that pushed the shots?

Was it the politicians that pushed the narrative? Did the various leaders like Trudeau or Biden get Saline??

Did Bourla or Bancel get Saline?

How about Christine Legaard? What about Tedros of the WHO?? Here in my neck of the woods there is a radio station called the White House of rock and they said that Life Labs wanted to let the people that came in between 10:30am and noon that will need to come back to get their vaccine as they were mistakenly given Saline😳😳😳🤡 That means at least a third of the vaccinated weren’t given mRNA instead it was Saline😳😳😳. Then there is the huge global number of FREEDOM REFUSERS. What are the real numbers of harm rate per ACTUAL SHOT??? Remember how statistics work when using the “TOTAL”number of people. Is it possible the death rate is exponentially higher than presented EVEN IN the STUDIES being referenced by freedom doctors??’

What do you think about this by Torma?