Jimmy Dore questions Vinay Prasad's fact checking of Bobby Kennedy Jr.; Bhattacharya and Jimmy go at it & quite interesting for Jimmy raises key questions about Prasad's video; Vinay dismisses Kennedy

by Paul Alexander

I am always for full transparency and so I put all sides at all times for balance; Dore thinks Prasad did not do a complete fact check; I like Prasad, smart, I do not agree with all he says here



I think that Vinay needs to step back and not summarily dismiss Kennedy. Kennedy is standing up while others have their head up their asses. Kennedy is getting his teeth kicked in but standing up, huge praise.

Any discussion or conversation is very productive.

Love Vinay but he is not perfect and was not on the ball on some of the lockdown lunacy but overall a giant to me. Someone I regard and respect.

Love Jimmy, love Bhattacharya.