JJ Watt: Why did an athlete like JJ Watt, 33 years old, still at the peak of his career as a marque NFL player, need to have heart ‘shocked back into rhythm’, due to Atrial fibrillation? Then retire!

by Paul Alexander

To retire right away! How? Why? Is this COVID gene injection vaccine related? Does JJ have an obligation to inform nation & the rest of the NFL players if he was vaccinated & if he had myocarditis?

Is it ok to ask this question about the role (potential) of the COVID vaccine? Given what has happened to Buffalo’s Damar? And Uche? What about him? Very serious questions have been hidden but Damar’s tragic situation has opened a door for brave people to walk through. The lies and cover-up must end for I will be as clear as I can be, if another NFL players goes down, the league would be finished. Then it would be clear to players that something is wrong with them, and that they share a commonality. We need to track these players even into the off season. Would we now seeing a rash of retirements? The NFL league, the players’ union etc. can save the game or destroy it by how they react to Damar. I love the game. This can be a unique teachable moment, especially with regards to safeguards for players.