Joe positive again? "Biden tests positive for Covid again, will restart isolation despite no new symptoms"; this is quite possible & several reasons, shows how devastating the vaxx is to vaxed persons

by Paul Alexander

1)not POS in 1st place 2) not POS now 3) Paxlovid causes rebound 4) not POS either time 4) not negative 1st time 5) massive BA.5 infectious circulating pressure, cause repeated infections in vaxxed

Some even say none of this is true, a set up. That too, given all we have seen by the malfeasants in COVID, must be considered.

So we have Trudeau, Newsom, Fauci, Biden etc. Globe leaders 4 shots, double masked, Paxlovid, and infected and re-infected. Can’t you see it was all a failure, this ineffective vaccine could have never worked. It failed. It is time to stop it and time for POTUS Trump to stand up against it, none for children!

I feel they hurt Biden and it is sorrowful. He does not know up from down and depends on them. They may have hurt him.

Some say in the meantime, they are asking Madame VP Giggles to stop the giggles and try for 5 minutes to hold a straight face, and try to string 2 logical coherent sentences together for this has been her limitation… they are worried in case he needs a time out!

Once again, if we keep these COVID antigen-specific sub-optimal, non-neutralizing vaccines ongoing, this pandemic will never ever end; there will be infectious variant after the other and a potential virulent lethal one can emerge; this is what happens when you use a leaky imperfect, non-neutralizing vaccine that does not sterilize the virus. Does not stop infection or transmission. When you vaccinate into a pandemic this way, and with these vaccinal antibodies binding to the virus but not neutralizing it, it is causing the virus to become highly infectious and infecting the vaccinee. By becoming so infectious, there is going to be massive circulating virus (infectious pressure) and as such, the vaccinated population will continue to be infected and re-infected, OVER AND OVER.

BA.5 is blowing past the innate immune system. This vaccine must be stopped and never in children else the same situation will occur and while damaging the innate immune system in children, will open them up for massive infection, transmission, and serious disease.

Stop this ineffective and dangerous COVID injection!

I wish POTUS Biden a speedy recovery and he is well. This can be very very serious for him. This vaccine did this. They in the administration actually harmed him, CDC and NIH and Jha and Fauci and Walensky etc. They harmed him. Pfizer harmed him with the failed dangerous Paxlovid!


Biden tests positive for Covid again, will restart isolation despite no new symptoms