Jonathan Engler: Were unprecedented excess deaths curves in North Italy in spring 2020 caused by spread of a novel deadly virus? reassessment of available evidence suggest another factor was involved

by Paul Alexander

PANDA UNCUT; Jonathan Engler and his focus on GEOGRAPHY in understanding what went wrong, and when did this pandemic really start; could the surge in deaths February 2020 onwards be 'iatrogenic'?

This is a very thought provoking piece by Engler of PANDA, these guys Hudson and Ballan are superb. Engler approaches this via touches on technology, immunology, virology, epidemiology, statistics, philosophy, political theory. ‘As pointed out in several analyses (see, by way of example, these papers reporting data from Italy, the USACongo and Brazil), there is growing evidence of the totally unnoticed presence of the virus prior to the purported date of the start of the pandemic and even as early as September 2019.’ Do you get that, BEFORE September 2019.

I argue 2018, or early 2019.

‘It is worth considering this counterfactual: imagine there was no virus at all, but that for some other reason (any will do) governments decided to institute a range of measures including:

  1. Telling people not to attend healthcare if they had a cough, fever or other symptoms both to “protect” healthcare and also because any contact with healthcare would quite likely make you contract a deadly disease.

  2. Telling healthcare staff to isolate if they (or in some cases someone in their household) received a positive test for a certain illness, even if asymptomatic.

  3. Emptying beds in preparation for being “overwhelmed”.

  4. Terrorizing and isolating elderly people especially those living in care homes, denying them visits from relatives and reducing or eliminating in-personal visits from health and social carers. 

  5. Using the entire machinery of state plus all social media and legacy mainstream media channels to promote an exaggerated narrative of fear aimed at the public and spilling over into healthcare workers, when it is well established that stress has a number of adverse health effects, including immuno-suppression.

  6. Massive overuse of a treatment (ventilation) with no solid evidential basis, now known to be extremely harmful.

The implementation of such policies would result in protests in the streets with people declaring that “thousands of people will surely die”, and no doubt they would have been right.’

Were the unprecedented excess deaths curves in Northern Italy in spring 2020 caused by the spread of a novel deadly virus?
I have learned so many new things during the past few years — one of the few, possibly the only, redeeming features of the “pandemic”. These lessons span many disciplines: technology, immunology, virology, epidemiology, statistics, philosophy, political theory and public law to name but a few. However, one discipline which I never thought would be relev…
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