Jose Alba, big praise for you and support; had he not grabbed that knife, he was going to be killed by this criminal; so I am sorry loss of life, but someone was going to die and Alba decided not him

by Paul Alexander

So the leftist freaks are crying out saying Alba should have let the criminal beat him and kill him...I say phuck NO, you use deadly force if deadly force and threat to your life is at hand!

Now Alba is being charged? The district Attorney is going after Alba? Hochul has to fire this punk DA. Hochul will be derelict and insane if she lets this person be charged for defending his life.

If this was a woman under attack, she would have been beaten, raped, killed. I want women to watch this and follow this an understand, you grab any object and practice at home, learn how to plunge it into the neck of an assailant, practice and if you have a legal firearm learn to shoot to kill, get training, if they get into your car with a gun or knife, and you have no mercy. For they will kill you after they get what they want. Never leave the primary site and you women and anyone, use as much force as needed to keep your life.

Long live Alba.

<p>Surveillance footage shows the fatal altercation in the convenience store</p>


Bodega worker in Rikers on murder charge after stabbing attacker in self-defense