Joseph Gardiner, 15, from Pyle, died suddenly on Monday: how could a strong healthy 15 year old Rugby player die suddenly? It is virtually impossible to bring down a healthy teen; is it silent vaccine

by Paul Alexander

-induced myocarditis? why would teens die suddenly? Is this a continuation of the 'dying at dawn, dying in your sleep' phenomenon, due to adrenaline surges on the scared heart muscle?

Is the rise of sudden deaths, unexplained deaths in adults and teens due to vaccine-induced asymptomatic myocarditis? A heart that is scarred by the COVID mRNA technology gene based Pfizer and Moderna injection and the flood of adrenaline etc. on exertion, under stress, then being too much for the wobbled myocardium and strains the heart to cardiac arrest? Blood and lung clots? e.g. Jamie FOXX, brain bleeds and aneurysms?

How serious is the problem now and will it continue and get worse for our teens with the coming roll-out of the new XBB.1.5 booster that we already know will fail with viral immune escape (selection pressure due to ongoing viral infectious pressure in the midst of mounting sub-optimal population immune pressure) given the dominantion clades then predicted to be EG.5 or FL? A clear immunological virology vaccinology mismatch between XBB1.5 and EG.5 vaccine and circulating clade…

What killed Joseph? I argue until myocarditis is ruled out on autopsy and his vaccine status is known to be no vaccine, then we keep mRNA vaccine at the center of the debate. IMO, 100% due to the mRNA vaccine and I will be surprised to learn otherwise.

‘A talented teenage rugby player with a "contagious charm" has died from a heart attack.

Joseph Gardiner, 15, from Pyle, died on Monday – a day after going to hospital when he began experiencing a shortness of breath.

Family friend Adam Brooke explained how he was "good spirits" and hoped to be out of hospital hours before he died.

"It completely came out of the blue – there was no prior warning or anything," he said.’