Judge PAUL M. FULLERTON (Illinois) saves Mr. Ng, orders IVERMECTIN: "I am not forcing this hospital to do anything other than to step aside. I am not forcing any doctor in Edward Hospital to do this.

by Paul Alexander

I am just asking or not asking, I am ORDERING through the Court's power to allow Dr. Bain to have the emergency privileges & administer this medicine." Temporary emergency privileges to Dr. Alan Bain

EXCERPT FROM THE REPORT OF PROCEEDINGS taken at the video-conference hearing via Zoom of the above-entitled cause, before the Honorable PAUL M. FULLERTON, Judge of said Court, recorded on the DuPage County Computer Based Digital Recording System, DuPage County, Illinois, and transcribed by LILI B. CINTA, Certified Shorthand Official Court Reporter, commencing on the 5th day of November, A.D. 2021.