Judge strikes down D.C.’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on police, Union said rule was unfair, hurting recruitment; A D.C. judge has ruled that a COVID-19 vaccine mandate imposed by Mayor Muriel Bowser

by Paul Alexander

Mayor permanently enjoined from imposing mandate & that punished union members must be reimbursed for para any loss of benefits, pay; parents MUST sue now to get vax school mandate stopped! INJUNCTION

If it is illegal there for police, it is illegal everywhere so all must move to file injunctions across the board and now Bowser is in trouble for parents can now move to get a ruling against her unscientific baseless mandate for all kids to be vaccinated to attend DC schools in September. File an injunction now!

“The order says the mayor is permanently enjoined from imposing the mandate and that punished union members must be reimbursed for “any loss of benefits, pay, or rights and all related disciplinary proceedings to be expunged from their records.”