June 7th 2022 Congressional members letter to FDA regarding EUA authorization for COVID vaccines in children under 5; Posey, Cruz, Gohmert, Ron Johnson, Biggs, Norman, Miller, Chip Roy, Boebert, Clyde

by Paul Alexander

Massie, Bishop, Diana Harshbarger, Duncan, M Rosendale, Vicky Hartzler, Davidson, Good; sitting members of congress demand full answers if these vaccines will be used on children, 6 months to 4 years

These congressional members are leaders, they are strong in this matter and standing up and we must support them and reward them for they are fighting for our children here. We know from a medical and scientific point of view that these vaccines have failed, are ineffective and are harmful. These COVID vaccines/injections do not sterilize the virus and hence do not stop infection, replication, or transmission. Children are at statistical zero risk from COVID and the vaccine skews to harm. The injections fail on omicron and new sub-variants with plunging efficacy/effectiveness and even negative effectiveness. These injections/vaccines bind to the virus’s spike but does not eliminate the virus. It actually promotes and enhances infection of the vaccinated person and will do same to children. There is serious risk of ADE and original antigenic sin will be prominent as the initial imprinting, priming of the immune response (ensuing vaccinal antibodies and recall memory antibodies) is prejudiced to the Wuhan legacy strain. We have existing clear evidence that these vaccines provide little if any benefit to adults and there are catastrophic harms and deaths already accrued. It is likely same for children and my own discussions with CDC, NIH, FDA, Moderna, and Pfizer officials confidentially have revealed there are many on the inside who fear same. They will not speak out due to fear of safety and career destruction. Here is the actual letter. It lists the brave congressional patriots: