Just a little reminder of this last year with the US & Canadian Trucker convoy; photo 1 is myself with Kory in meeting with Senators Cruz & Johnson; 2nd in Ottawa, all are security but one person, -35

by Paul Alexander

Photo 3 is in Ottawa trucker meetings with Dr. Hodkinson, Brian Peckford, myself & Maxime Bernier; photo 4 is me in Ottawa with 4 RCMP & military personnel laid off no vaccine, coming out to guard me

Walking in Ottawa Canada to go speak outside of parliament, all around me are security who came forward volunteering to protect us, save one. Yes, we had that level of threat then. Dangerous. The media provokes this. Hodkinson too.

My brother Dr. Roger Hodkinson, maybe one of the smartest people I know and bravest. He braved it with me in Ottawa. What a sweet man, one of the greatest warriors I know.

Me surrounded by 4 military, RCMP officers who were suspended due to no vaccine, they volunteered to ‘protect’ me while I moved around. I have to say we are under constant threat.

Senator Cruz outside of the capitol on my trip there.

Senator Josh Hawley outside of his office after we formally met.

I met with Senator Ernst.

The Great one, Dr. Joe Ladapo in Florida: