Just calm down everyone! What is said now is very dangerous! Those saying Karen Kingston lost her marbles I say not so, let her fully explain, I give her deference & respect, similar

by Paul Alexander

I won't say Kennedy is involved in any mischief, will not even go there, I give deference as I give to Malone, we have serious disagreements scientifically & I think he is bogus yet not evil

Malone to me is misguided and has handled his fame in COVID wrong, got bad legal advice, maybe fame rushed to his head and he did some wrong to good people like Breggins and Ruby et al. and he did serious sh*t wrong with his mRNA technology with Weissman and he has to answer to God for the death it has wrought, but will I say he is an evil man capable of hurting Karen, no…I give him room too to defend himself as is his right and I will not jump up and say ‘he is evil’…no, as much as I loathe his attacks on me and others, as much as it caused me loss and great pain, I will not say anything negative…the content is too troubling and so let this unfold without us pouring gas onto a flame……I will not say he can harm Karen or will…there is something lost in translation somewhere….and all here, similar huge respect for Karen and she is a balanced sane lady intellect I have much respect for.

I say lets take a deep breathe, calm down, have compassion and gracious mercy for those in that exchange and let us give space, and get the full accounting likely from Karen in time. We should also hear from Malone. I need to know more. I do not at this time and will not just side with Karen or Malone etc. I need more.