KA-BOOM!; Iatrogenesis (deaths by the system, NOT the virus) in England & Wales; COVID policies & genetic vaccination are responsible for ALL the excess deaths (Dead Man Talking, Joel Smalley); what??

by Paul Alexander

It is & was NEVER the virus, it was a 'normal' illness, would have taken some 'low-hanging fruit' elderly (like cold & flu); it was system i) diamorphine ii)midazolam iii)Remdesivir iv) ventilators

We argue that without any government intervention, with nothing, had our governments done nothing, just strongly protect the elderly and vulnerable and allow the rest of the low-risk healthy population to live unfettered normal lives taking reasonable precautions (no lockdowns, no school closures, nothing), that COVID is and was just a regular influenza-like illness. I have been arguing and stood on Yeadon’s shoulders who was IMO right, with this always being an influenza like illness (ILI) that we ‘detected’ using the fraud PCR test (over-cycled and over sensitive with cycle counts above 25, setting it at 40 knowing 95% of positives would be false-positive) and we used this to damage Trump. Other malevolent players (like Pfizer and Moderna) had hands in this too, using this fraud pandemic, but the real loser was POTUS Trump. And we the people for the ILI did take some people, but we lost most lives due to lockdown lunacy and above all, lost our liberties and freedoms enroute.

It was never this low-risk pathogen or whatever it was, it was what they did, how they responded or had planned to respond, that killed us. We must now unify and punish the hell out of those who did this for I argue, they did it knowingly.

Jeff Tucker (Brownstone): “The after effects of lockdowns and vaccine mandates have deeply scarred the reality and cause of freedom. The pandemic is over but not the state of emergency. We now face censorship and digital tracking, labor upheaval and inflation, cultural demoralization and war, continued travel restrictions, and a dramatic destabilization of the relationship between citizens and the state, not only in the US, but all over the world.”

Yes, it was our:


i)our governments and their insane illogical specious lunatic policies that killed, not the virus, it would have taken low hanging fruit as any cold or flu would (of persons over 80 with medical conditions); remember, 65-70% of persons who died in US had at least 6 medical conditions, last information I have encountered. 

ii)inept stupid idiotic specious corrupted technocrats & bureaucrats with the corrupted bogus swamp media.

iii)health agency leaders like Fauci, Birx, Walensky, Azar, Hahn et al.

iv)it was CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID and their top officials who killed our parents

v)pharma CEOs and their employees like Bourla of Pfizer and Bancel of Moderna

vi)it was lockdowns, school closures, business closures, mask mandates, vaccine mandates with the fraud ineffective deadly mRNA gene injection that killed us

vii) and as Smalley is saying with his term ‘iatrogenesis’ or the ‘system’ and medicalization (with the fraud Drosten RT-PCR), in short, the seizing, blackhole sucking in of our elderly and vulnerable, the sedation, the Remdesivir (kidney and liver toxic) and the ventilation that killed the vast numbers. It is brutal what was done to our parents and elderly and our peoples and it still is happening in our hospitals. We must stop this!

We had and have people sucked into the COVID protocol ‘blackhole’ that under the covers, full or maggots and feces, no doctor, no nurse, no one touches them for days. These people must be accountable.

We must get justice and accountability, we must drag each and every one of these people in with no amnesty, no Malone and Oster ‘take off the gloves, do not act like them and amnesty’ BS, apologies Dr. Malone (I am sorry, bone-headed and will not happen, we will give them the malfeasants who did this, no quarter, boot on the neck until we get justice in the courts and polls), we must get them under oath, and we must with proper inquiry, assess, and if they costed lives, if shown with proper legal processes and judges that their actions killed people, were reckless and dangerous and was not in line with the available science, then we clean them out financially and imprison ALL of them! All involved! Have no mercy!

These people, agencies were responsible for killing our parents and grand parents with all their lockdown lunacy! It was their sedation and Remdesivir and intubation and ventilation that killed our peoples. Challenge me on that but bring your data please!

Joel Smalley, my how much I have grown to admire him and his scholarship. Look at his examination and what I am saying and what you and we all knew and were arguing near 3 years now, he puts the icing on the cake:

‘The results are quite interesting.

As we can clearly see, using this metric, there are only three periods of obvious excess mortality:

Period 1: 22-Mar-20 to 31-May-20

Period 2: 27-Dec-20 to 07-Mar-21

Period 3: 27-Mar-22 to 24-Apr-22

Why is this so interesting? Well, let’s look at COVID deaths over the same time periods.

Period 1

The first recorded COVID death in England & Wales occurs in the week ending 26-Jan-20. there are a handful of other deaths that occur over the next couple of months.

But that’s the odd thing. If COVID is so transmissible, how come there were so few COVID deaths during the peak mortality season? Moreover, how come deaths only explode and are sustained over the period of maximum disruption to the health and social welfare system?

Period 2

There is ostensibly lots of COVID death in autumn 2020 but it does not manifest in any more excess death than the following year. I surmise that this is because, once again, in the absence of significant disruption to the healthcare system (NHS bed occupancy is substantially higher by now than it was during the spring), COVID is not killing at any higher degree than other influenza-like illnesses.

It is only when the hosts are made more vulnerable by the genetic “vaccine” that COVID deaths explode and represent unusually excess periods of mortality, with an initial rise during the first few weeks when the healthcare workers are jabbed, followed by the explosion in January when the elderly and vulnerable are done.

Period 3

COVID deaths in this period are no higher than earlier in this season but they show as excess because they are unusually late.

Initially, I didn’t really know why this excess mortality period might manifest so I was going to leave it as an open question (I also have to go and do the school run so didn’t have any more time to investigate).

But then I thought I’d have a quick look at the Coronavirus Dashboard and lo and behold, I immediately found this - the “Spring Booster” campaign - which “coincidentally” runs from, you guessed it, 27-Mar-22 and curiously tails off into 24-Apr-20 before apparently starting on a new course.

Like I said, interesting, right? Clarifies what they mean by “booster” if nothing else?!

What does this all mean? It means that in the absence of any government intervention, COVID is just a regular ILI, not even a bad one that I used to believe.

Disrupting healthcare and subjecting old people to a novel, risky therapy is really fatal though.

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