Karen Bracken responded to my substack about RFK jrs. interview with Attkisson which was quite good & I agree with Bracken & said this; Bobby is ideal as HHS Secretary yet not as POTUS; if Trump asks

by Paul Alexander

him to serve, he should & must as the good principled man he is, or any POTUS; he is a democrat yet it is not important as democrats love nation and flag too; if he for global warming fraud, I am lost

The idea with Kennedy is that he pushes the need for debate and with open valid discussion and this is why he is potent and different. He is open and while it appears he is a staunch democrat and some say socialist, he impresses me (and I know him) with a willingness to learn and listen and even adjust his thinking. Most do not have this and so please take him serious. He has lots of good to give America. This is a patriot America loving person and his position on the COVID fraud mRNA technology vaccines are on point.