Karen Kingston (The Kingston Report) asks a potent important question, excellent scholarship as usual, support her work please! "Was COVID-19 Caused by a Biological Virus or mRNA Nanoparticles?

by Paul Alexander

Per EcoHealth Alliance, DARPA, and peer-review publications COVID-19 was a pre-planned global bioweapon attack that used aerosolized mRNA nanoparticles to cause a pandemic of illness and fear?"

Excellent work here and opens the question, was it the spike protein and or mRNA that was released? Was it really a virus? Could the spike released as spike alone, aerosolized, or mRNA as a nanoparticle, have been capable of causing the respiratory ILI, pulmonary type symptoms that plagued many? Especially our elderly? That thye released something, something, yet we are yet to know what it was? That it was likely multiple release and not point source? That it was spreading globally and benign, of no real consequence prior, captured as common cold or ILI but that many people who were involved knew it was always circulating (they were involved in the release direct or indirect) and we were maybe 80% immune globally???? and that it was in America maybe in 2017 or 2018, way before we were told it began? That the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) and Diamond Princess liner showed us that we were largely immune, that our immune systems saw this (whatever it was, prior) and that it was non-lethal especially to younger populations?

This is complex and no simple answer now that we know everything was a lie. Everything about COVID was a lie. I find fascinating.

Great work Karen!


The Kingston Report
Was COVID-19 Caused by a Biological Virus or mRNA Nanoparticles?
May 16: 2023: (Originally published on December 15, 2022) To this day there is debate amongst medical freedom leaders and experts as to what caused the COVID-19 pandemic. Personally, I’ve invested many thousands of hours throughout 2021 and 2022, in reviewing documents such as EcoHealth’s Alliance pitch to DARPA, peer-reviewed publications regarding the…
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'‘May 16: 2023: (Originally published on December 15, 2022) To this day there is debate amongst medical freedom leaders and experts as to what caused the COVID-19 pandemic. Personally, I’ve invested many thousands of hours throughout 2021 and 2022, in reviewing documents such as EcoHealth’s Alliance pitch to DARPA, peer-reviewed publications regarding the ground zero attacks in China, Italy, and the US, scientific publications and manufacturer’s documents regarding nanoparticle technologies, Pfizer’s private and government contracts, dozens of patents, nanoparticle and SynBio forecasting reports, and reviewed many DARPA communications regarding the current and future applications of nanoparticle technologies.

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In March of 2023, the Russian military issued a statement that COVID-19 and many other recent pandemics were caused by artificial pathogens or synthetic viruses. These artificial pathogens are mRNA nanoparticles, the same mRNA nanoparticle technologies found in the COVID-19 mRNA injections.

On December 15, 2022, Stew Peters allowed me on his platform so that I could make the following statement in order to clearly articulate to concerned citizens how the mRNA nanoparticle technology caused COVID-19:

“Residents of Wuhan and other cities of China, Italy and the United States, were victims of a coordinated nanoparticle bioweapon attack, a bioweapon attack using the same nanoparticles that are in all COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Most victims became infected with the nanoparticles via a direct aerosol attack, surface transmission, or food and beverage contamination.

US citizens should be horrified to learn that EcoHealth Alliance, the NIH, the DOD, and other departments within our US government refer to lipid nanoparticles (nanocarriers) as vaccine technology that can a deliver toxin, chemical weapon, and/or weapon of biowarfare.

The EcoHealth Alliance proposal to DARPA clearly identifies nanoparticle bioweapons as spike proteins, spike protein nanoparticles that are ‘bat vaccines.’ EcoHealth lays out the plan to ‘vaccinate’ residents of select Chinese cities as well as US residents with spike-protein nanoparticle bat-vaccines via aerosol attack, surface transmission, and food and beverage contamination. The purposes of the nanoparticle bat-vaccines are to suppress the human immune system while turning human beings into carriers of lethal diseases.

The DARPA proposal states that EcoHealth will ask the CDC to ‘vaccinate wild vampire bats’ in the United States. The US military will have an app so they can track the ‘vaccinated bats.’

There are three critical points that need to be stated regarding Wuhan, SARS-CoV-2, and COVID-19:

  • There weren’t mass COVID-19 deaths in 2020. Many people became ill, some became very ill, and some died, but 99.99% didn’t die. EcoHealth states that the point of the nanoparticle vaccines are to weaken the immune system so that animals (humans) can carry lethal viruses without dying from the viruses.

    • Most COVID-19 diagnoses in 2020 were diagnoses based on pure financial incentives and fraudulent.

  • COVID-19 is caused by an advanced nanoparticle bioweapon that uses mRNA technology to strategically deteriorate and destroy cardiovascular, neurological, immune and reproductive systems. COVID-19 is NOT caused by a virus, gain-of-function, wild-type or otherwise.

  • Lastly, the victims who were originally inoculated with the bioweapon in 2020 were not highly-contagious, if infectious at all. The first round of nanoparticle bioweapons did not contain mRNA codes. They were ‘empty rounds.’ There were also over 200 mRNA sequences of SARS-CoV-2 in early 2020. The virus was never isolated because multiple mRNA sequences were released. At ground zero, from the Wuhan Seafood Market, 9 patients who were sampled for the SARS-CoV-2 sequence, their sequences didn’t match. It’s scientifically impossible for a virus to mutate that quickly.

  • In regards to the injections, Sergeant Jason Murphy of the US Marines states in his letter that when victims are injected with mRNA nanoparticles that then directly enter into their blood streams, that in effect turns them into gain-of-function bioweapons labs capable of shedding and infecting others.

Details supporting these statements can be found in EcoHealth’s Alliance pitch to DARPA, and are substantiated by peer-reviewed publications regarding the ground zero attacks in China, Italy, and the US, as well as scientific publications and manufacturer’s documents regarding nanoparticle technology, including the patents.”


Note: It’s important to understand that ‘gain-of function viruses’ are lipid nanoparticle technologies programmed with mRNA codes. mRNA is not a biosynthetic substance itself, mRNA are software codes. SARS-CoV-2 is not a virus, it’s a software code programmed into nanoparticles.

mRNA nanoparticles can induce permanent, foreign, genetic mutations into a species’ genome, including humans. Dr. Robert Malone explains how mRNA nanotechnology is an entry point to the suite of nanotechnologies for purposes of making biodigital (mechanical) and non-human biological changes to the human genome in his interview with Glenn Beck.

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Is Dr. Malone Invested in Humanity or Transhumanism?



MAR 19

March 18, 2023: It was decided years ago to lie to global citizens about the end-game use of gene-editing nanotechnologies and the convergence of the digital world with the human body. Biotechnology is quite literally the science of turning technology into new life forms and

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mRNA nanoparticle technology is used to induce irreversible autoimmune diseases in animals; and to create hybrid species, from viruses and bacteria, to plants and animals, to humans and Ai hybrids.

In the hands of bad actors who have access to resources and infrastructure systems that all life-forms depend on, mRNA lipid nanoparticles are capable of rendering any species extinct within a year, including human beings.

In the context of the DARPA Proposal*, the mRNA codes are part of the software programs for the spike-protein-lipid-nanoparticle technology. After the nanoparticles hijack human cells (adsorb to and then enter through phagocytosis), the nanoparticles are able to genetically modify the cells with the programmed mRNA codes to turn human cells into toxic spike protein producing factories.

*The EcoHealth Alliance documents referenced in this article can be found at Project Veritas.

Following is the analysis and documents confirming the pre-planned, well-coordinated bioweapons attack in Wuhan, China and the United States.


EcoHealth Alliance Refers to Spike-Protein-mRNA-Nanoparticle Bioweapons as ‘Bat-Vaccines’ in March 24, 2018 DARPA Proposal

Per EcoHealth’s pitch to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), Ralph Baric (who has received over $100mm in NIH gain-of-function funding through the University of North Carolina, EcoHealth, et al.) led the EcoHealth team of scientists who created weaponized SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins and incorporated them into (mRNA) nanoparticles.

“We will develop recombinant spike-proteins from known SARSr-CoVs (SARS-CoV-2)… ...reconstruct spike trimers…incorporate them into nanoparticles.”

Per EcoHealth’s DARPA documents and graphics, the description of ‘nanoparticle-spike-protein-bat vaccines’ are a near perfect match to many images and descriptions of the mRNA lipid nanoparticle COVID-19 vaccines, (as well images of spike proteins across the media and internet).

Weird. Huh?

In the full context of the proposal, EcoHealth states that their deliverables include;

‘vaccines’ (spike protein nanoparticles) that can be delivered via aerosol, surface, and food and beverage systems, as well as traditional systems (needle and syringe).

EcoHealth’s spike-protein-nanoparticle bat-vaccines are produced from mRNA sequences for SARS-CoV-2. The SARS-CoV-2 mRNA sequences are based on mRNA codes developed at the Wuhan lab and labeled as Wuhan-Hu-1/WIV-1.

SARS-CoV-2 WIV-1 mRNA was created by using the genetic sequence of the original SARS-CoV human virus as a backbone, and then inserting new genes from bats.

  • Note: The little ‘r’ in SARSr means bat.

The SAR-CoV-2 Wuhan-Hu-1 (WIV1) human-bat mRNA codes are the same mRNA codes used to create the Wuhan bioweapon/bat-vaccine.

The human/bat SARS-CoV-2 WIV1 mRNA is also the FDA-approved mRNA in Pfizer’s COVID-19 bioweapon/vaccines that are currently being injected into American adults and children.

EcoHealth refers to the spike protein nanoparticles (bioweapons) as vaccines when using the phrase, “inoculate bats with spike proteins.”

“We will inoculate (vaccinate) bats with novel chimeric polyvalent recombinant spike proteins.”

The immune modulators are insertions of synthetically recreated toxins/prolines (S-2P). The trimerized spike protein is part synthetically recreated toxins and part inorganic materials. This is why the S-2P spike protein is resistant to human coronavirus antibodies.

The FDA-approved mRNA spike protein in Pfizer’s mRNA injections is WIV1 S-2P.

It’s important to note that as evil as what the NIH/EcoHealth/Wuhan/Ralph Baric team did in creating these bioweapons, the FDA committed an equally evil if not more horrific crime by knowingly and fraudulently approving a bioweapon as a ‘safe and effective vaccine’ for American adults and children.

In my opinion, one of the most unforgivable crimes was committed by the CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, who’s organization knowingly placed an FDA-approved bioweapon on the Childhood Vaccine Schedule.

The EcoHealth Alliance spike-protein-mRNA-nanoparticle ‘bat-vaccines’ are based on the same nanoparticle technologies that initially caused the COVID-19 pandemic, continue to cause disease and death in adults and children, and are found in the FDA-authorized and approved COVID-19 mRNA bioweapons that are called ‘safe and effective vaccines’ for adults, children, pregnant women, toddlers, and babies by our government leaders and health care professionals.

Bottom line is that the evidence is clear that the mRNA spike proteins, mRNA nanoparticles, mRNA SARSr-Cov-WIV1 S-2P bat-vaccines, and COVID-19 mRNA lipid nanoparticle vaccines are all based on the same bioweapon nanotechnology and should be seized and destroyed immediately.

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Is There Evidence that the ‘Outbreaks’ in Wuhan and the United States were Planned Bioweapon Attacks?

Yes there is. In the DARPA pitch, EcoHealth Alliance lays out plans to inoculate ‘bats’ throughout China and the United States and to provide the US Military with an app to; track ‘bats who are carrying infectious pathogens,’ track movements inside of their ‘home caves’ as well as track when they leave their ‘home caves.

As we continue to go through the proposal to DARPA, it should be apparent to any adult with a reading comprehension level above a 5th grader that EcoHealth Alliance isn’t talking about vaccinating ‘bats’. The March 2018 proposal is the plan to release mRNA nanoparticle bioweapons on human beings; human beings that are citizens of China and the United States.

Under the Executive Summary, the team proposed to vaccinate ‘bats’ by exposing the bats to spike-protein-nanoparticles using an aerosol (spray) system, transdermal (skin) application, and edible gels.

EcoHealth claims that there was a ‘spillover effect’ with 3% of people who live up to 6 kilometers from the vaccinated bat caves developing SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. In other parts of this document, EcoHealth mentions up to a 10% spillover effect of local populations near bat caves.

Spillover effect means that EcoHealth Alliance can’t explain how 3% -10% of residents who live near the bat caves developed antibodies (got vaccinated) with their mRNA-nanoparticle bat-vaccine.

Since it’s highly unlikely that 3-10% of residents visited bat caves to go play with the bats, thereby becoming vaccinated through shedding, the only logical explanation of on how humans became vaccinated is that EcoHealth’s team ‘accidentally’ sprayed humans with their mRNA-nanoparticle bat-vaccine; and/or contaminated their food, beverages, or surfaces with the mRNA-nanoparticles.

Tracking Bat Study Participants When They Leave Their Bat Homes

What I found extremely odd is that EcoHealth describes the ‘bat study participants’ the same way many researchers describe human study participants. EcoHealth discusses bat diversity factors that are part of the research criteria, such as; bat sex, bat age-class, and bat home location (not cave - they literally identify some of the ‘caves’ as bat homes, to differentiate the ‘caves’ that bat’s work, office and school caves). Age-class is usually category for psychology or sociology studies as age-class is identifying groups of people by age and gender who have shared similar social experiences.

EcoHealth states they have been using a satellite tracking system to track the bats’ movements when they are in their ‘bat homes’, as well as to track them when they leave their ‘bat homes.’ I assume this means the US military can track the vaccinated bats when they to go to their bat offices, bat school campuses, bat gyms, or their local bat-bar happy hour.

The EcoHealth pitch proposes developing a smartphone app for the military so the U.S. military can track the vaccinated bats at all times through EcoHealth’s telemetry tracking systems.

Note: You can read more about COVID-19 vaccine bluetooth nanotechnology and smart app for tracking here.

When it comes to vaccinating the bats (and ensuring they are ‘fully bat-vaccinated’) EcoHealth can use a sprayer system that has motion sensors to spray the bats as they enter in and out of their caves. (These are not home bat caves. These are other caves.)

Vaccinating Bats While They Are Waiting for Their Subway Train

The bat-vaccine mRNA nanoparticle sprayers can be scheduled for timed-releases to vaccinate bats when they were all in a non-home bat cave together, such as a subway cave to catch the 5:15pm 6-subway line back to the upper east side of Manhattan, NY.

If covertly vaccinating bats waiting in an underground New York City subway station is stretching things a bit too far in regards to sarcasm and absurd humor, I agree. You see, EcoHealth would never covertly aerosol-vaccinate average bats in a NYC subway station with nanoparticle bioweapons, they would only aerosol-vaccinate ‘wild vampire bats,’ with the CDC’s permission of course. (You can’t make this up. Look at the EcoHealth Document)

It’s so absurd and evil it’s worth repeating. The EcoHealth Alliance NIH-funded Wuhan research included testing non-mRNA nanoparticle bioweapons on 'wild vampire bats’ more 7,500 miles from the Wuhan Institute Virology, in the United States (with the CDC’s permission).

They are not talking about bats! Let the words of the DARPA proposal sink in.

EcoHealth states that they will use aerosol and surface, food and beverage (ice) contamination to inoculate ‘wild vampire bats’ in the United States with non-mRNA lipid nanoparticles after seeking permission from the CDC. The CDC is named as a co-conspirator in this planned attack on humanity.

COVID-19 is a pre-planned global bioweapon attack that used mRNA nanoparticle bioweapons, but has been portrayed to global citizens as a ‘viral pandemic’ by our government officials, media, Big Tech, large corporate employers, our healthcare systems, our churches, our school systems, and our anti-vaccine trusted leaders. Let that sink in.

Why Weren’t People Infecting Other People Early in the Pandemic?

Great questions. One reason could be that some of the initial bioweapon attacks that caused panic and fear were not encoded with the mRNA sequences to produce toxic agent or were not pre-loaded with spike proteins or other bioweapons. There was no evidence of human-to-human transmission of a virus when the pandemic first occurred because the nanoparticles were ‘empty mRNA shells,’ meaning they weren’t preloaded with bioweapons. That being said, inhalation of high quantities of the nanoparticles on their own are toxic and can cause severe inflammation and even death.

Was There Ever a Virus? If Yes, Why Did it Take More than 2 Years to Isolate the SARS-CoV-2 Virus?

Also great questions. Yes, there was a ‘virus’ and in fact multiple ‘viruses’ produced by people who were infected with mRNA SARS-CoV-2 nanoparticles, but the mRNA ‘viruses’ produced inside a human’s body aren’t infectious. ‘Viruses’ are just toxic proteins, like the spike protein.

The reason why SARS-CoV-2 was never isolated is because when the loaded mRNA nanoparticle bioweapons were released, various mRNA sequences for toxic proteins were programmed or pre-loaded. As of March 2020, EcoHealth had over 180 mRNA sequences for SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins, and Wuhan was committed to creating up 10 additional SARS-CoV-2 spike protein sequences a month.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus was ‘never isolated’ and sequenced, because there was never a virus. People were inoculated with nanotech.

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Speaking of suspicion, this article published in the Lancet released the genetic sequences from the first 9 patients infected at the Wuhan Seafood market inoculated with SARS-CoV-2. This is ground zero. If you read the article, there were already variations identified in the first 9 patients. It’s evolutionary impossible for a virus to mutate on the same day of the 1st infections.

There was also early evidence from Wuhan that there was NO human-to-human transmission. The originally mRNA nanoparticles may have been programmed to produce viruses or were pre-loaded with toxins, but they were not infectious.

Global terrorists have access to mRNA sequences to hundreds of thousands of viruses. For scientists who have access to GenBank, they will find well over 200 mRNA sequences for SARS-CoV-2 by geographical regions, such as; HKU, PEDV,OC3, and MERS (the OG), and another 10,000 gain-of-function coronaviruses that include genetic sequences from ebola, marburg, henapivirus, rabies, and literally every virus ever found in nature or man-made. All ‘highly-deadly’ viruses are rendered completely powerless and incompetent of mass transmission without the lipid nanoparticle technologies.

mRNA gene-editing experts and virology research scientists know that anyone of these mRNA bioweapon sequences can be downloaded, integrated into lipid nanoparticles, and released anywhere in the world, at anytime, including the mRNA far viruses far more deadly than SARS-CoV-2.


The fact that GenBank is a catastrophic open-source global registry of mRNA sequences for viral gene-based bioweapons was partially addressed by MIT Biologist, Kevin Esvelt during Rand Paul’s August 2022, Gain-of-Function Session.

Based on the documents I read, in my opinion, the most significant difference between the mRNA nanoparticles that caused the pandemic and the mRNA nanoparticles in the COVID-19 vaccines, is that the original COVID-19 mRNA nanoparticles were programmed to produce a virus in the bodya virus that could make you ill or very ill, but it was not infectious.

Per Pfizer, the mRNA nanoparticles in the COVID-19 injections (mRNA for S-2P) are programmed to turn cells into spike-protein nanoparticle bioweapon factories , so that humans can vaccinate other humans with these gene-editing bioweapons.

Those who are reading this article may be thinking, “This is it! Our government will have to recall, seize and destroy the COVID-19 injections now. The evidence is overwhelming.”

Sadly, our government leaders will do nothing to stop and seize the mRNA lipid nanoparticle technology. It’s not because they don’t know that the COVID-19 vaccines are bioweapons. They know. They won’t do anything to stop the mRNA nanoparticle injections because they are either bought and paid for; or afraid of the tyrants they serve and obey.

The lipid nanoparticle market is multi-trillion dollar market forecasted out over the next 10 years.

Big Pharma, Biotech, and Wall Street aren’t shaking in their boots because our government leaders, including the President of the United States, have decided to fund a multi-trillion dollar market based on mRNA nanoparticle technology that will use computer software programs (mRNA) to edit and permanently change the genome of every human being on the planet, without any of one of their citizens giving them consent.

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Biden made the US government’s mission clear in his September 12, 2022, Executive Order. The US government is invested in and dedicated to ensuring that gene-editing technologies are in the bodies of every US adult and child in order to, “write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way we write software programs for computers.”

Most Federal and State government leaders are bought and paid for, blackmailed, or afraid of the tyrants they serve. It’s time that we let them know that by not demanding all COVID-19 bioweapon injections be seized and destroyed, they are not only not upholding their oath to protect the Constitution, the American people and our children, but they are also traitors, guilty of treason and committing crimes against humanity.

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If they say, “Come along with us; let’s lie in wait for innocent blood, let’s ambush some harmless soul; let’s swallow them alive, like the grave, and whole, like those who go down to the pit; we will get all sorts of valuable things and fill our houses with plunder; cast lots with us; we will all share the loot”— 

My son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths; for their feet rush into evil, they are swift to shed blood.

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How Do We Win the Intelligence War Against the Use of mRNA Bioweapon Technology on Adults and Children?

I do believe that there is way for America to save our nation and our children. There is a current intelligence war that is enabling the use of mRNA bioweapon technology on civilians through ‘choice’ and ‘informed consent.’ The delusional belief that allowing bioweapons in our communities represents freedom and truth can be blown to pieces with facts and evidence, as has been done by Russian Lieutenant General Kirillov in diplomatic, global meetings.

I’ve been fighting this psychological war to educate Americans and our government officials for two years now, mostly unsupported by our government and medical leaders. If you want America to take control of this biowarfare nightmare, please reach out to government leaders and powerful media influencers to request for me to present the evidence that can take down Pfizer and stop the mRNA technology platform dead in its tracks. I can be reached through patriots@mifight.com.’