Karen Kingston's 'Kingston Report': Nonsense Makes No Sense; There is NO contract or law that provides immunity to a manufacturer for producing a bioweapon for use on a civilian population'; BOOM!

by Paul Alexander

BOOM! Kingston is over the target & her attention to detail is staggering; she gets it, really does! Americans know that the COVID-19 injections are the direct cause of recently diagnosed disabilities

‘Americans know that the COVID-19 injections are the direct cause of recently diagnosed disabilities, disease and death for millions of adults and children and that the manufacturers, including Pfizer, promoted their COVID-19 injections as safe and effective vaccines knowing they would cause injury, harm, and death.’

See her substack and we are in communication and Karen is on the team of soldiers who will not stop until we get justice. We will get accountability and justice for all the wrongs done in this COVID fraud!

Proud and happy she is on our side and in the fight! This is a real warrior for good and justice! Support her!

The Kingston Report
Nonsense Makes No Sense.
With more and more young healthy adults dying suddenly in front of the public eye, Americans are fed up with being lied to about the cause of death being due to SADS (sudden adult death syndrome) or due to climate change. Americans know that the COVID-19 injections…
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“I think it has to be a lot more than money, because they (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J) have a ton of money. I think there has to be criminal liability at some point if you knew that the ‘so-called medical intervention’ that your company was pushing was going to cause harm to people or could cause harm to a significant number of people without any measurable benefit. That’s where the rubber meets the road.” - Laura Ingraham, January 21, 2023