KARI LAKE: If she has lost the election 'legally' & honestly, then I say this is such a potent individual, I would make her SPEAKER of the congress if republicans win it, or Vice President (VP) slot

by Paul Alexander

Kari is presidential material...need not be elected to house, do not need to win a seat in order to be elected SPEAKER; or Trump must pick her as VP, she will help bring Arizona electoral votes

I think it was stolen, so do millions of Americans. We see now how it is done by the democrats. Kari did not lose. These thieving beasts are so good at what they do, they will report 100 more votes, say Kari got 70 and Hobbs only 30 and make you think as they move now to bullet-proof Hobbs as the stolen winner, that ‘hey, it was close and look, in some batches Kari was on top, but Hobbs still managed to pull it off but hats off to Kari for a strong showing’…so they stole what they need and will even make it look like Kari is doing great and how this is all legit and fair, so fair that in some counts, Kari gains more, yeah, after they stole enough that she CANNOT win overall’…its all bull sh*t, it’s the playbook. It is over. They have stolen it as far as stealing is. Now it is up to Kari to go to war to win this fair and square. Up to her to go legal etc.

Make no mistake, they are stealing this from Kari Lake. IMO. She should take legal steps, any and everything.

That said, if they get the steal, and if Trump runs, Kari is the best choice as VP, will be the best VP ever. Will carry Arizona but can add to his ticket and help him. Few people can rise to his spotlight or take it, I think she can. She has that ‘thing’. That even POTUS thing.