Karikó, Malone, Weissman et al.'s mRNA technology (with LNP) that is the basis of the COVID gene injections IMO has killed people! mRNA technology has killed people, why has Malone & Weissman been

by Paul Alexander

silent on antidote? Why did they not make one? What did they know about the role of DNA plasmids (bacterial DNA making spike)? mRNA reverse transcription to DNA? Leaving injection site? When, What?

Did these ‘inventors’ make money on any patents? were they incentivized to remain silent? direct or indirect? I find this outrageous these people have made money using tax payer money to bring a technology that killed us?

Sit back and think what I just wrote?

The deaths of all the poeple post gene injection that you write and speak about falls at the feet of Karikó, Malone, Weissman et al. and don’t bring that bullocks Malone et al. try to tell you that Pfizer ‘modified’ it with molecular caps and methylated pseudo-uracil etc. That’s bull shit. It is their baby as they said, they could have stopped the deaths with suitable antidote. The question is, why not?

I will ask what you are afraid to ask for you are too weak, too ‘yellow’, too spineless, and you benefit in some way with silence. I know the game, I was part of it until I told Malone et al. to phuck right off with the fraud of this vaccine mRNA technology and the threats of silence etc. Phuck right off with that, I want answers and I will ensure they answer. I want nothing from this. Unsubscribe too if you wish.

I want to know the nature of the relationship across time as to mRNA technology between Malone, Weissman, Kariko, the FDA, and the vaccine makers.

The deception has gone on way too long, can someone sue me please so we can enter court please, please sue me!