Karl Denninger and the US Trucker Convoy: Enjoy The Parade! The Market Ticker - Cancelled ® - What 'They' Don't Want Published

by Paul Alexander

I have found this write to be brilliant, I love the way he views issues and wanted to share with you...

The People’s Convoy departs today.  Time will tell if it has any impact or not.  I am not optimistic.

Those who settled the New World sailed on boats with no GPS, poor food and water storage, and only had wind power to make it across the Atlantic.  It was a one way trip, and not everyone arrived.

Later pioneers turned wilderness into civilization with hand tools.  

In the early part of the 1900, Sears sold kit houses an average man was expected to build.  Some of these houses are still lived in today.

What’s the point of the “uphill both ways in the snow” recap?  A trucker convoy has massive potential to throw a monkey wrench in daily life for everyone.  If a significant percentage of truckers take a surprise vacation for the next 10 days, DC *******s starve along with the rest of us. 

If we, as a nation, can’t deal with a couple weeks where just in time deliveries aren’t…we’re done.  We’re a bunch of pussies compared to the Americans of old.

To their credit, The People’s Convoy lists their victory condition:  Lifting the COVID-19 emergency order.  You can’t win a war without a stated victory condition.

Their website states no concrete actions nor milestones to reach this victory condition.  This is a good idea because once the enemy knows the battle plan, it’s easy to mitigate.

Do they have a plan?  Or are they just a bunch of grifters on parade?  We’ll see over the next ten days.

There are tactical actions that would make a difference: Any trucker who doesn’t want to drive across the country could park their truck at home and not deliver a thing for ten days.  Convoy members parking on strategic bridges at night would shut down blue hives.  So would slow rolling down the highway.  Perhaps that is part of their plan because they’re taking 10 ****ing days to drive from Commiefornia to DC (but not entering into the Swamp, according to the website).

All these actions would send the proper message:  We’ve had enough.  Welcome to consequences.

Or maybe the whole thing is simply a parade. 

Why is a parade bad?

In some ways, it’s not.  Parades are good for morale.  However, do not mistake morale boosting for a tactical action, it’s not.  Neither is it a milestone, an end goal, victory condition, nor a battle plan.  High morale fuels desire to perform tactical actions that will win a war, but does not in and of itself advance victory conditions.

Now the bad side:  Parades drain time and mental energy away from concrete actions that do win wars.  For an extreme example, consider Q Anon. How much mental energy was wasted reading tea leaves and getting high on hopium from what ultimately turned out to be pure bull****?  How many people wasted four years, sure Someone Else had a plan that would save them?  Hopium addicts didn’t use the time to plan and execute any successful tactical actions and lost the war.

If this is another waste of effort, it is only 10 days instead of 4 years. In that case, enjoy the parade!

However, if The People’s Convoy is a tactical maneuver, shut the **** up about any inconveniences you experience and support them.  It’s called collateral damage and yes, assume any war will affect you personally.  Look at it as a way to gird your loins against real hardship when your Amazon delivery arrives 12 days late.