Katalin Karikó, Drew Weissman, Robert Malone et al.: every single person IMO who developed mRNA technology & took millions, billions in tax payer money & sat back silent knowing the harms of it

by Paul Alexander

in the lipid-nano particle fat complex, knowing the potential dangers, seeing what it has done now to the people who took the fraud shot, must be investigated under oath, imprisoned if need be

Does not matter who, all those who benefitted from this and it brought death (as it has), have to answer questions under oath, separately, in proper legal forums with judges. All of them. They have hid in plain sight but must be examined and they must explain how come as harms and deaths emerged due to the COVID gene injection, they have done nothing to bring an antidote etc. Just cashed in.

Praise people, praise them, praise all and reward, if it is warranted. Celebrate. But if actions by anyone linked to COVID caused deaths, lockdowns to vaccine, if people were reckless and failed in their duty to help and do the right thing, then they must be held accountable legally. It is that simple.