Katelyn Jetelina, a scientific adviser to the CDC continues to demonstrate why the CDC & NIH & FDA & HHS are composed of the most stupid, inept, corruptable, academically sloppy, intellectually lazy,

by Paul Alexander

moronic, vapid, inane health officials! She says “It’s drastically different” than the dominant variants circulating now; & I say, so what Katelyn, so what? where is evidence it is more severe?

You have no evidence, this is typical fear-porn as you lurch towards your key objective. These beasts know, like this person, that they are driving the emergence of variants like BA.2.86 (pirola) with the sub-optimal mRNA technology gene based vaccine due to selective pressure. They know exactly what they are doing and they know that any new booster (XBB1.5) will fail to sterilize the virus (stop transmission etc.) as will not match the dominant variants. They know this is theatre by them.


What a bunch of GRADE 9 talk and what a clueless person!