Keith Olbermann calls Jordan Peterson a fu*kface on Twitter because Peterson RIGHTLY questions the motives & utility of the INSANE moronic tyrannical bureaucrats seeking to rule us ex cathedra by FIAT

by Paul Alexander

with their nightmarish '15-minute cities' (where everything is within 15 minutes to you); so IMO you know this will be the beginning of pure tyrannical rule over us; the fu*kface is actually Olbermann

This really is about controlling you. Getting our data, invading our privacy for data and information is POWER. Power over you! Information is power so you give them NONE! Make it impossible and lie to them, lie to them. If they ask A, tell them B. Screw them up, screw it up!

Fully, by low-life malfeasants who fly around and drive around burning more carbon than you yet feel entitled to pontificate and tell you what you must eat and how to live. Some of the most filthiest people on this God’s planet.

The fuckface is really the Keith Olbermanns of the world, the elites. It is like the over fed fat bastard you see coming out of the banquet with meat sticking out of his teeth telling you who now arrives, ‘the food is not that great here, do not bother’, this after he cannot even button his 59 inch waste pants. Full to the brim and some.

These beasts will strip us down to owning NOTHING; but make no mistake, they will live NICE, the ‘chosen’ ones, bourgeoisie, oppressors and guilded class, large and high on the hog, with their cars and jets, while you are reduced to a plebian of existence, like the proletariat, we will work to fatten them.