Kellyanne Conway DIVORCES her wacko deranged husband; thank God, what a sick vile idiot this dude was, vile to Trump when he should have just stopped eating all the damn food and gave Kellyanne some

by Paul Alexander

he ate too much, the food had him deranged...dude was a carpet bagger all along, irrelevant, obnoxious, so much hatred for Trump, jealously, and he worked against his wife, disgusting!

Not that I admire any of them, I don’t. KA I really do not have a problem with just that the next up at bat, we need no marriage drama and all that. Just people who come to fight hard.

She does fit that bill though.

Trump needs to clean his slate fully. Of the past. Cut ties. Though I like KA when she is coherent and on point. She is potent and good. Real good and she did help Trump. I do not agree with attacks on her for she had to ensure the filthy DC crowd. She was savaged by the press and that was despicable, the media are filthy fecal feral bottom dweller animals, worse than animals.

There is so much tragedy in the parting of two people especially with children so in a sense I feel sorry for her. Lots we do not know and who cares, its their crap to address.

We got a nation to save.