'Kenney expects to relax COVID-19 measures this month as hospitalizations 'plateau'': this means he gets that the Truckers are coming his way...he knows the gig is up and we know its all fraud

by Paul Alexander

Again, if they were doing this & prolonging with no basis, we jail many of them, & I am serious, they costed too much harm and lives...these beasts knew what they were doing, they git caught, scared

Yes, things are headed in the right direction, but let not one of these demons off the hook, we keep pressure on and we jail them, long and deep time once we show they did illegal things; using proper legal processes; these beasts closed schools needlessly and harmed our children despite the clear evidence it was wrong and they knew it but were power drunk, and so we punish them for this, set an example. They locked down with no basis and kept locking down knowing it was power deranged madness, lockdown lunatics.