Kevin Bass: I love it Kevin, really do! Yet does it matter the fact that it took you 3 years before you woke up? While the 'trucker' knew the science about the fraud vaccine, while you did not! Yet it does!

by Paul Alexander

It does matter & I am sorry, your MD etc. means zero! You stood by & joined in the damage & harms & deaths to millions with the COVID lockdown lunacy, NO amnesty & explain your wrongs FIRST!

Love you my brother but no amnesty and people like Kevin are welcomed now to be in the fight, arms wide open, yet their actions did massive harms and they must be called to explain. I saw Kevin praise Peter Hotez recently on Twitter. Is that true? If so then Kevin, please re-read Hotez’s positions on this COVD lunacy and the fraud mRNA gene shots.

Their complacency and lunacy (aversion to the real science) for 3 years killed people. Folk such as Kevin. It is that simple and as we open our arms to you now waking up, you have to explain how the trucker, how the fly over country folk, how the lay worker, how the blue collar worker knew more than you about all of this and why you partook in the lockdown madness and vaccine fraud. How come? You cannot just get to stroll into the right side and benefitted on the upside thinking it will be forever helping harm people, stripping them of all their liberties, and now the narrative is falling apart and you are running to the hills, you want to benefit on the downside too…is that fair to the millions who died due to your lunacy? Is it or was it ineptness?

Many people who write me and come to me say they are not interested in what people like you have to say now. Happy you have woken up but unforgiving as to what you did prior. I tend to agree. But I am open. I am welcoming. Next time you interview, tell the listener how come the trucker, the Canadian and US trucker knew more than you about the lack of science to underpin vaccine mandates. For they had none of that schooling yet understood the immunology and virology and vaccinology better than you. I too will love to hear what you say about that. I am open. I do not believe you were that inept so tell us what was underpinning your lockdown lunacy derangement then, for derangement it was.

I find it incredible that someone who partook in harms and loss of life by your statements and policies and was happy then when the ‘going was good’, now wants to glow in the limelight and fame on the downside when the narrative has imploded and the truth is becoming clear that you were 100% flat wrong. You have way more explaining to do. Thanks for coming over though. You are welcomed. This is tremendous that you are on the right side now. We have gained!