Kevin Bass, MD GRIFTER, time to put up or shut up! I am inviting you to be interviewed by me, Dr. Paul Alexander for you to explain how it took you with 7 years medical school to now know the

by Paul Alexander

COVID response & vaccine was a fraud, why don't you let me ask you the questions that other won't ask you; you are trying to hide in the Freedom movement, benefitted on upside now want to on down side

I ‘get’ you. So how about you allow me to have a half hour discussion, you ask me what you wish and I ask you what I wish. Come defend the bullocks you are spewing. I think you are a grifter of time and fame, and will prove it. So why not take me up on it and defend. Name the date and time. We will do it live.

You are insulting people who have been fighting this madness 3 years now and 2 weeks you are on the scene and you know more? You have blood on your hands yet deranged to think you know more? You got the answers when you had no problem Suzie being laid off and killing herself as you gloated and partook in the lockdown lunacy. So come talk with me.

Word is you read my substack and also, most know how to contact me.

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Kevin Bass, MD in training, I guess Tucker forgot to ask him how he squares the blood on his hands for the thousands who died due to lockdowns Bass supported, his support for the fraud vaccine
This Bass guy is just so full of shit, oozing with fraud shit. Spineless and shame on Tucker Carlson giving him time of day but it’s Tucker’s show. But shame on him. He stumbled here. This fraud Bass compares himself to Aseem Malhotra, to Sasha Latypova, to Meryl Nass? This Bass guy is delusional to compare himself to these esteemed real warriors and fi…
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